Culture War on Wheels

dispensed with the question of whether an African-American or woman
will ever make it to the White House, conservative Culture Warriors
have moved on to defining and dividing Americans over their chosen mode
of transportation. These two images have been floating around the right
wing blogosphere under the shrieky, all-caps headline, "THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW." Somehow or another this strikes me as a promising development.



  • Justin

    The best part of those photos is that it shows that Sarah Palin is really just a “poser”, literally. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that she was actually going to ride that bike, in that skirt.

    I’m just saying.

  • yes, that is all we need to know.

    i love how for many, politics is such a black and white thing. one issue, one vote, one picture.

    being a bike-nerd, seeing those obama picks is like heaven sent. although, he does need someone to fit him properly on that bike,

    i’m just sayin….

  • Black man on a bike vs. hot MILF and a motorcycle. Is this all the party that ruined America has to offer? Caribou Barbie?

    I’ll take the dude on the bike any day. Then again, I’m a bike hippie and this seems like a good ol’ chuckle inducer for some old fashioned red-staters. You know, bible readin’, pork chop eatin’, just plain folks.

  • Palin: Oil company shill. Duh.

  • I’m seriously not meaning to be a partypooper and I do not support Sarah in any way, but lets focus on the policy the “Mother I’d Like to F*ck” and the Barbie comments, they are sexist. I totally know you didn’t mean it that way Ubray, but I’m just sort of bringing it out there for others, because this is a repressive way to be progressive.

  • The linked article has the captions “Harley Girl” and “Schwinn Guy.” Actually, you can see that he’s a Trek guy, as is Lance Armstrong. That’s a good American brand, just like Harley. I’d leave that comment on the linked blog, “To the Point”, but they seem to require payment to register. And some of the commenters on that blog are right, he does need to pump up his tires — it’s all about rolling resistance!

    And which is the more family-oriented photo? I’m willing to bet that’s a trail-a-bike or other kid carrier on the back of Barack’s cycle.

  • i wanted to do the same thing larry… cause there’s nothing more rewarding than correcting a bunch of hill billies on technicality that is completely lost on them.

  • With $5 a gallon gasoline, economic downturn, and sub-prime mortgage defaults, I think it’s inevitable that bikes and motorcycles will be a significant form of transportation in the future, especially in metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles. It isn’t a democrat or republican issue- it’s an issue for everyone.


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