Life After Oil: Designing the Transition

Life After Oil:

Designing the Transition

A series of events
exploring the twin opportunities

peak oil and global warming
in Los Angeles

oil” is the term for the end of cheap oil. Our contemporary society is
leveraged upon a continuous stream of the stuff. But as prices climb,
things are going to change…

The future with
less oil could be better than the present, but only if we engage in
designing this Transition with creativity and imagination.

–Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns movement

us as we explore the Transition Towns concept that is catching on like
wildfire in the UK. What Can We Do about peak oil and global warming?
The answers are in our neighborhoods and communities.

the Transition concept, we take a positive, forward-thinking view of
what the future will hold for our area in the time beyond oil.

* Sunday, Sept. 14, 6pm – Movie "The End of Suburbia" followed by community discussion

* Saturday, Sept. 20, 9am-5pm – "Designing the Transition" – a full day conference exploring the Transition concept

* Thursday, Sept 25, 7-9pm – Peak Oil Community Discussion – the first followup event to the Transition conference

* Thursday, October 23, 7-9pm – "Power Down"


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