How to Be Safe in Mandeville Canyon

A video put together by Dan Guitierrez and Brian DeSousa of Dual Chase Productions demonstrates the safest way for cyclists to ride in Mandeville Canyon.  The video emphasizes that despite popular opinion, riding to the right isn’t always the safest or most courteous way to bike.  For example, on a downhill, where a cyclist will easily be able to go the speed limit.  Such a maneuver provides no safe maneuverability for either driver or cyclist should a car come out of a driveway into the cyclist’s path or a car come around a blind curve at the automobile.

The video also advises cyclists to "take the lane" when they feel it appropriate.  Far from being a "rude" gesture to drivers, it is often the safest thing a cyclist can do for parties.  While the video doesn’t address the etiquette and legality of two cyclists riding next to each other; there is no law against such an action and one can extrapolate from the video that there are times when it is both safe and smart to do so.

Lest anyone think this video was created just to support the two injured cyclists or to score political points; the suggestions mirror those put out in a more generic video done by Guitierrez and DeSousa that was released months ago.

  • David

    Very nice video. One comment. Avoids is misspelled on the graphic about road hazards. Sorry, but this hurts the video’s overall credibility.

  • Brian and I shot the video midday Saturday, had some technical problems with one of the video files and struggled much of Saturday evening and Sunday to get the video in a form suitable for editing, and I pulled an all-nighter Sunday night to have the edited video out on the web prior to the Monday meeting. If you really believe that a transposition of two letters in the word “avoid” hurts the overall credibility of the video or its authors, then I’m afraid you missed the main visual point of the video. To be quite honest, I’m glad that I had only one minor typo that was simple transposition of letters, given the rapidity with which we turned it around.

    – Dan Gutierrez –

  • David

    Sorry Dan,

    I really think that the video is awesome. I did not mean to criticize. Coming from someone who has pulled many overnight edit sessions I am VERY impressed by what you were able to do. Maybe I should have made more of an effort to offer my unsolicited 2 cents to you in a more private manner. I apologize for that. I do get the main visual point of the video and it is awesome. My hat’s off to you and Brian. However, I do believe that misspelled words affect credibility. My suggestion is still to fix the misspelling when you get a chance. It will make an excellent video perfect.



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