Streetfilms: (Portland) Bike Box!

<sigh> Another Streetfilm about how awesome Portland is.  It’s time to take a stand, Angelenos!  You Portlanders might have your complete streets, balanced transportation system, colored bike lanes and bike boxes; but I get to ride my bike on the sidewalk!  Whenever I want to!  So, there! </sigh>

Like Brad Aaron before me, I must concede that film maker Clarence Eckerson sums up the film perfectly, so without further ado.

At just about any public gathering I go these days, there’s usually
at least one person who will come up and give me an enthusiastic "Bike Box!", based upon our earlier, popular Streetfilm.
In my heart I hoped there would one day be a sequel to Bike Box, and it
all came together last week while in Portland at the World Car-free
Conference. Earlier this year, Portland’s Office of Transportation
installed many high visibility bike boxes that are filled in lime green
to help cyclist avoid right hook collisions. (Note: NYC now has a few
green ones as well.)

What we were unprepared for was being stopped by random cyclists who
wanted to lend their collective "Bike Box!" exclamations. So watch and
see all the fun improv as it flows. Do you have Bike Boxes in your
city? Want to be creative? Then upload a YouTube video and tag it
"streetfilms" and we will feature it in our sidebar


  • We already have Bike Boxes in L.A. Their names are Stephen and Enci. :)

  • Maulie

    Bike unfriendly:

    Santa Monica Blvd between LaBrea and Vine. It’s suddenly narrow and the pavement in the right lane is nowhere near even. You have to ride in the left of the right lane to be safe and then the traffic keeps you stuck.

    Vine/Rossmore streets South of Sunset. It’s pretty o-k til Sunset. After that, I have no idea why the city thought it was a good idea to make it a bike route.

    Cahuenga Pass going South from the Valley to Hollywood. The shoulder has tree branches and weird manhole/potholes and cars speed through here like they’re on the freeway. On my midnight commute alone, it’s pretty sketchy

  • calwatch

    Actually, as a former Portland resident, basically six square miles of the city can be considered “awesome”: Northwest, Downtown, the Hawthorne District, and Hollywood. That’s about it. Portland is a combination of European froo-frooness (think bicycling, streetcars, beautiful parks, microbrews) with the worst parts of white trash culture (think guns on pickup trucks, Tonya Harding, the lack of any decent Mexican or Chinese food, dive bars that advertise PBR in neon). Unlike LA, New York, or even Seattle and Houston (!), Portland will always be a second-class, second tier city in my mind.

  • these are pretty good. the bike box normalizes a behavior i do already to be seen. pull in front, then merge to the side as traffic pulls through.


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