LACBC: Call Your Mayor To Support Bike Resolution


Following the lead of the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Conference of Mayors will consider a resolution making the case that bicycling should be integrated into our nation’s
transportation, climate, energy and health policy initiatives.  They will vote on the resolution at a conference that begins this Friday and ends on Tuesday, June 24.

The LACBC joins the League of American Bicyclists in encouraging cyclists to call their mayors and tell them you want this resolution passed.  The LACBC helpfully supplies the number, 213-978-0600, and email address,, for Mayor Villaraigosa’s office.

Of course, Villaraigosa isn’t the only local mayor attending the conference, just scanning the list of attendees I see mayor’s for Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and San Gabriel will all be present.  Every Mayor has an equal vote at the conference, so make sure to let  your mayor know that biking is important to you in the next couple of days.

Photo: Damien Newton 

  • In case you live in LA county but not LA City, here are other mayors who are participating and their respective contact info.

    BEVERLY HILLS, Barry Brucker

    (310) 285-1013

    CERRITOS, Jim Edwards
    (562) 924-6582

    LONG BEACH, Bob Foster

    (562) 570-6801

    MANHATTAN BEACH, Richard Montgomery

    (310) 802-5053

    MONROVIA, Rob Hammond

    626 932 5550

    POMONA, Norma Torres


    (310) 372-1171, Ext. 2260

    SAN GABRIEL, Harry L. Baldwin

    (626) 308-2816

  • by the way, there are currently NO LA County mayors who are co-sponsoring this….let’s get LA on board!

  • Okay, I called and left a message for the mayor’s transportation deputy … what will this end up doing?

    We’re asking the mayor to endorse the Council of Mayors’ recommendation to the US Congress that bikes and pedestrians are included in the nations’ transportation plans?

    Why not just go straight to the US Congress with our concerns? What will L.A. get out of this? What are the Council of Mayors asking for anyway? Less money for highways?! I know of no mayor in the L.A. area who is interested in an end to free highway dollars (or 80% matching funds for highway projects).

  • Maybe I phrased it poorly in the first paragraph. The US House has already passed a resolution with similar wording. Getting this resolution passed is a lobbying tool and a statement of what is important. It won’t change things by itself, but maybe if Obama wins the White House something like this resolution will help him decide how to reshape our national funding priorities.


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