Today’s Headlines

  • SGV Pols Demand Gold Line Money for Congestion Pricing Support (SGV Tribune)
  • Zev Downplays Sales Tax’s Chances at Ballot (KNBC)
  • LA’s Poor Bike Infrastructure Holding City Back (Times via Bike Commute Tips)
  • Even USDOT Gets Its Letters to the Editor Chopped Up (Fast Lane)
  • Switching to Transit Not So Bad (Times)
  • Metro Picks Congestion Pricing Consultants (Public
  • AB 3021 Is Important Legislation (Daily Bulletin)
  • British Researchers Urge Next U.S. President to Curb Sprawl (Guardian UK)
  • I agree with the Guardian article. Having lived in London briefly, I am amazed at how well the Brits are regenerating their cities.

    The tragedy of Los Angeles was six decades of social engineering in favor of the automobile. The assumption that sprawl could go on indefinitely and that cheap gas would always be available, and there would be no long-term harm to Los Angeles’ economic and environmental well-being due to ever worsening congestion, therefore no real public transit infrastructure was necessary.

    Inevitable recentralization along transit corridors is the only sensible planning way forward, if it happens, if that transit had been built. It would have been so much better (and cheaper) to have rationally planned for the future.