Another Cyclist Has an Incident with a Metro Bus

It’s starting to seem that barely a week goes by without a prominent member of the Los Angeles cycling community having a run in with a Metro bus.

The problem with Metro buses endangering cyclists seems to be becoming a trend rather than a rare occurrence.  A couple of months ago Enci Box and Eric Richardson both had incidents in the same day, and at the end of Bike to Work week Enci had a second run-in.  These reports shouldn’t just be brushed aside.  Enci, Eric, and now Patricia are strong cyclists that know the rules of the road and follow them. If they’re all experiencing dangerous situations, there’s a real problem.

The good news, Metro seems to be getting better at handling the problem.  After the jump read a first-hand report of last week’s incident from Urban Hippie:

This morning when i was crossing the 110 in the right lane with a row
of cars parked along my right side, the 704 decided it wanted to be
where i was. it began to quickly move in to the right lane despite the
fact that there was no room for it and it would have to merge back into
the left lane before stopping at Figueroa. I have never had a bus brush by me so close as though i was not even
there. It scared the crap out of me. The first chance it got to block
my way completely it did, making me have to go into the left lanes in
order to continue east. I managed to pull ahead of while it stopped but
when it caught up he again pulled the bus incredibly close. I really wish i had my lock, because at that point i felt threatened and would have used it.
thankfully I turned up grand as the murderous 704 rumbled down Cesear Chavez.


But my adventure was not over.

I was as far to the right as i could possibly be as I crossed the 101 on grand.  Out of nowhere a gold honda’s side mirror grazed my elbow. I look over and the idiot driver is texting and running me over.  He realized what was happening most likely from hearing me screaming obscenities at him and proceeded to gun it and turn down temple before I could catch up to him and throw my bike at him.

is the first time in almost a year that I have had this kind of
commute. What more can we do as cyclists, citizens, taxpayers,
activists, humans to make the streets safe for all types of
transportation? how can I be more visible on the streets DURING THE

Later, at the end of the post she gives an update:

I was able to get the number from the back of the bus so that i could
tell Metro what a fine job their drivers are doing at running riders
over.  I sent in a complaint through the mta’s customer comment form as
well as an email to Tom Horne and Lynne Goldsmith at Metro.  Tom got
back to me within 5 minutes of sending the email, which was a nicer
more professional version of the above post.  Both his and the mta
customer comments response told me that the incident will be looked
into, the driver delt with accordingly, and both apologized for what
had happend to me.  Stephen Box was also made aware of what happend
because He and Enci are hoping to bring attention to the lack of
attention that the bus drivers pay to cyclists. It’s really important
that we as riders in this city make note of when we are bullied by
these beasts otherwise how can we make change?  As long as we are silent
about how cyclists are treated on the roads nothing will get done to
change that. thanks to everyone who told me that they’re glad i’m ok
and who helped me get this information to the right people (that means
you rhombus).

 Photo: Kworth30/Flickr


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