Today’s Headlines

  • CALTRANS’ and Metro Bosses Weigh in on Congestion Pricing (Times)
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  • Westside-Eastside Subway Could Cost $6.5 Billion (Daily News)
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  • Living in LA, "Creative," Yet "Stressful" (Daily News)
  • An Interview with Ms. Traffic (LA Downtown News)
  • Boston Planners Devote Downtime to Neighborhood Traffic (Globe)
  • Friedman: America Needs a Leader Who Will Tell Us the Truth
  • “Two more subway plans include variations of the Wilshire Boulevard routes but also would involve a second train coming from the Red Line at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue and zipping below Santa Monica Boulevard to serve West Hollywood. The lines would converge on Wilshire Boulevard and head to the sea.”


    I was very glad to read this. We need both the Santa Monica and Wilshire Blvd. lines and I’m glad that 2 out of 4 proposals have both lines. Granted, Wilshire is the higher priority, but we need BOTH.

    I will pay any reasonable increase in fares, fees and taxes in order to pay for the world class transit system Los Angeles deserves and needs in order to remain economically and environmentally sustainable.