Ad Nauseum: Joggers and Cyclists Get Out of the Way!

For a full copy of the ad, ## here.##

For a full copy of the ad, click here.

Via the website Girl Bike Love comes one of the more depressing automobile advertisements we’ve seen recently.  Used car resale dealership Tyme Auto Group, proudly serving Northern Ohio and Michigan, proudly offers a discount to any jogger or cyclist who promises to stay off the road the author is driving on (sic).

It’s hardly uncommon for an advertiser to try and attract their target audience by mocking another one.  For example, every football fan has been subjected to beer commercials with attractive women mocking awkward men for not recognizing the brilliance of Miller Light this past season, but there’s always a chance this one could backfire.  After all, all one has to do to be considered a “cyclist or jogger” is own a bicycle or pair of shoes and self-identify.  And who doesn’t like a 15% discount?  Even if it is just for a 2000 Chrysler Concorde?