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Accompanying the Washington Post story below is a slideshow of D.C. cyclists, including this one in a contraflow bike lane.
Accompanying the Washington Post story below is a ## of D.C. cycling,## including this contraflow bike lane.
  • Daily News : No on Prop. 23
  • Local Stimulus: $111 Million, 55 Jobs (City Watch)
  • Epstein : Metro Needs a “Plan B” for 30/10 (HuffPo)
  • A Couple of Major Pitfalls to the Bike Plan (Bikeside)
  • We Can Certainly Be More Original than “Bridge and Tunnel” to Discuss Hipster Commuters (KCET)
  • Salon Gives a Half-Serious Look at Asian Interests in CAHSR
  • New Gerald Desmond Bridge Just for Engine Powered Vehicles (LB Post)
  • Biggest Bike-Share in America Debuts in Nation’s Capital (WaPo, NYT, GGW)
  • LaHood: Distracted Drivers Killed 5,500, Injured 450,000 in 2009 (Orlando Sen via Transpo Nation)
  • How to Load Your Bike on a Bus’ Bike Rack (The Source)
  • How Germany Deals with Bikes on Trains.  Hint, It’s Not Threaten Cyclists on the Internet (Railzone)
  • Downtown L.A. Loves Parks Too! (Downtown News)

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Bike Lanes Appear on Myra Avenue

All Photos by Joe Linton. View more at the end of the article, after the jump. On the L.A. Department of Transportation’s (LADOT’s) June 2009 Bike Lanes Project Status report, made famous for Reseda Boulevard bike lane issues, line 10 gives a status on new bike lanes planned for Myra Avenue from Fountain Avenue to Santa Monica Boulevard. The project length is […]