Streetsblog Is Going Dark for a Couple Days


As I type this my wife has entered her twenty-first hour of something called "pre-labor." Assuming this is the real deal; it’s time for me to sign-off for a little bit and be with her so that we can welcome the newest Livable Streets Activist into the world in style.  Given the quality of my writing today, it’s probably for the best.  Earlier today I got the "Silver Streak" mixed up with the "Silver Line."  Somewhere, a So.CA.TA.  member is laughing at me.

My plan for today had been to do a major write-up of everything that happened on Park(ing) Day, and write a voter guide for tomorrow’s Second District Election. 

I know the people "in charge" of Park(ing) Day are collecting links to the news stories that have come in from blogs and traditional outlets, so visit the Park(ing) Day L.A. website and I’m sure they’ll have news.   Nationally, Streetfilms has films up for with both San Francisco’s and New York’s Park(ing) Day highlights.  That’s nice and all, but did any of those Streetsbloggers bike fifty miles to get their story?  (I figure I can get away with trash talking my bosses in my "paternity leave" post.  Better enjoy it while I can.)

As for the Second District Special Election, you can find links to seven of the ten candidate’s responses to our questionnaire by clicking here or by searching stories tagged "CD2 Special Election"

While updates might not be coming as frequently as usual over the next couple of weeks; we are planning to have some guest writers on board and I’ll be checking in from time to time before I return full-time.  Give us a couple of days to get organized (the baby is coming a couple of weeks early) and L.A. Streetsblog will be back and publishing before you know it.  On the off-chance that this isn’t the last leg of the pregnancy, I’ll be back tomorrow.

On a quick personal note, thanks to everyone that has wished my family well in the last couple of weeks and months.  Anyone that thinks of Los Angeles as the stereotypes portrayed on television and the movies has never met the dedicated, wonderful, loving people that I’ve been blessed to know in the last two years.



  • Woot Woot!!!! Super exciting!

  • Hey, congrats to you and your wife! We’ll keep our collective fingers crossed for an easy delivery and a healthy and happy addition to the family. And we’ll forgive sporadic posting as long as we get a birth announcement!

  • That’s so awesome! Good luck on your new adventure!

  • Teresa Toro

    Congratulations Damien, Marybeth and Sammy!

  • Streetsblog going dark for a few days is a small price to pay for a new baby. Just think of it: in a few months that kid is going to have logged more public testimony than my daughter has!

  • What if… what if… the baby grows up and wants to… drive?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    I wonder if a car-free bike-riding transit couple raises a kid, whether or not the kid rebels and practically becomes as car-crazy as Jay Leno. Hmmm.

  • As a bona fide Uncle my best wishes for this new chapter in your lives.

    And did you see Kevin Roderick picked up on the line 901 statement SO.CA.TA has crafted, although his summary that our objections are “due to the process” is a bit over-simplified (frankly the route is a bad idea, period).

  • I meant line 902. I am still groggy from yesterdays dog and pony show at the Bonaventure (aka the Mobility Summit).

  • Good luck and congratulations, Damien!

  • Marcotico

    Congratulations Damien, as a new Dad all I can is enjoy the ride, be ready with back rubs and ice chips, and when the little one comes, all babies are different so almost everything they do, no matter how nerve wracking is normal.


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