Eyes on the Street: Crosswalk Collective Makes Safer Routes to School

New DIY crosswalk at... wouldn't you like to know? Photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog
New DIY crosswalk at... wouldn't you like to know? Photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog

L.A.’s do-it-yourself Crosswalk Collective has struck again! Unfortunately, Streetsblog can’t tell readers where the latest improvements are located, because that would make it easier for city Transportation Department staffers to swoop in and scrape things back to their car-centric baseline.

The project features two new crosswalks, both in yellow paint as is L.A.’s standard near schools (that does narrow down the location to about 800 LAUSD sites, plus some charters, private schools, etc.).

This is the first use of the collective’s new feature: a “STOP” stencil.

According to a top-secret communication from the collective, the new crosswalks were requested by locals because the intersection is “right across from a busy school where families and children often cross.” The requester noted that:

…without a crosswalk on [undisclosed location], the stop signs are used as yield signs with drivers doing rolling stops instead of a complete stop at the intersection. Even though it’s a quiet street, there’s a lot of risk just in crossing, and I never feel safe (and hate seeing moms having to run with/hurry their children even when they have the right of way). It’s been recently repaved so in good condition for painting but would require yellow paint.

Recent Crosswalk Collective DIY improvements

Find more about the Crosswalk Collective at their website (where you can request a crosswalk), and follow their Instagram or Twitter feeds.

Crosswalk Collective's latest crosswalk, including new STOP stencil
Crosswalk Collective’s latest crosswalk, including a new STOP stencil, makes a street safer for students to walk to school


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