Today’s Headlines

  • California to extend indoor mask mandate until mid-February (AP)
  • The Guardian tags along with London cyclist/YouTuber Cycling Mikey as he documents distracted drivers.
  • Coastal residents sue L.A. over Hyperion sewage spill in Santa Monica Bay (LAT)
  • More than 1,000 police officers, firefighters and paramedics in the Los Angeles region were ill or at home quarantining on Tuesday after testing positive for the coronavirus,(LAT); meanwhile a shortage of ambulances means L.A. County Fire will now be allowed to transport some to the hospital (CBS2); meanwhile a man physically assaulted workers at a vaccine clinic in Orange County, calling them murderers. (LAT) So what is Flurona, you ask? (WaPo)
  • An off-duty Sheriff’s deputy was recently ordered to stand trial on murder charges in the death of Ashley Wells. Daniel Auner had been driving (and possibly racing) at ~116mph when he crashed into a pole on Crenshaw and 190th, killing Wells and injuring two other passengers in 2020.
    • Wells’ mother wants DUI added to the charge, and claims Torrance PD gave him special treatment by not administering a field sobriety test; his BAC was not tested until two hours after the crash, at which point it was just under the legal limit. (CBS2)
  • Bicyclist killed in Chatsworth hit-and-run identified as 58-year-old Matthew Zink, a father of four, and a female friend in her thirties, who a friend says was a mother of three and pregnant with her fourth child. (NBC4)
  • Where did all this rain leave us with regard to the drought? (LAT)
  • More on the Hyperion Bridge lamp posts: City says 22 have been stolen and that it is removing the rest for safekeeping. (LAT)
  • CM Cedillo blames unspecified “supply chain issues” on delay in MacArthur Park redevelopment. (L.A. Taco)
  • An interview with Sheriff candidate Cecil Rhambo (KNOCK-LA)
  • Displaced from an encampment after a sweep, a 73-year-old woman was alone and trapped when her tent collapsed on her in the snow (WaPo)
  • Urbanize L.A. looks at the Metro Board’s wish list for state surplus funds; meanwhile Metro reminds you that they will restart fare collection on buses Jan. 10. (The Source)

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