Valley Gadfly Rages Against Planned Metro Bus Speed Improvements

Jay Beeber's anti-bus alert
Jay Beeber's anti-bus alert

Metro is proposing to implement a voter-approved bus speed improvement project in the north San Fernando Valley. In response, one Valley gadfly is rallying residents to oppose the project, alleging improved transit would cause “massive traffic jams” and “giant apartment buildings” shading valley homes.

Metro’s project is called the North San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor. Voters approved $180 million for the project in the Measure M sales tax spending plan. Metro’s plans are for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) mostly on Nordhoff Street and Roscoe Boulevard.

Map of Metro’s proposed North San Fernando Valley Bus Rapid Transit line

The BRT project is still in early planning stages, with draft concepts slated to be received and filed at today’s 2 p.m. Metro board Planning and Programming Committee. Find additional details about the proposed North Valley BRT at Metro’s project page or staff report, or coverage at Urbanize.

The anti-BRT flier is being pushed by Jay Beeber, a perennial marginal city council candidate who achieved some notoriety in fighting city parking citation practices. Earlier this month, Beeber lost another campaign in an L.A. City Council District 12 special election. He came in fourth out of fifteen candidates, receiving 9.5 percent of votes cast.

As Alissa Walker tweeted, the image on Beeber’s alert – a photo of a bus lane in India – makes bus-only lanes look pretty good.

Beeber is encouraging people to contact Metro boardmembers to tell them “Hands off Our Peaceful Neighborhood!” SBLA readers who think otherwise – perhaps something like “Support Quality Transit for Our Peaceful Neighborhood” – might want to contact Metro boardmembers, too. Find boardmember information at the Metro webpage, or several targeted boardmembers’ phone numbers at Beeber’s Save the San Fernando Valley website.

  • It’s largely ridiculous and the bus lanes definitely won’t lead to any imminent development if San Bernardino’s sbX is any guide to go by, but I digress. There might be a valid point about the cut-through traffic and Metro should definitely make strides to keep it down as part of the project. A side benefit of that would be that doing would help keep things more friendly for bikes too.

  • Jerry W Martin

    I’m guessing that person has a lot of hate for public transit. The northern part of the SF Valley needs improvements in the current transit service. and needs more service. People like this gentleman. Who have hate for public transit. Are the reasons why we have poor bus service. in that region.

  • Joe Linton

    Are you saying that BRT didn’t throw shade on San Berndardino?!?!? lulz

  • Ennnne

    Hi Joe- I am curious, what do you mean by “voter-approved bus speed improvement project?” Are you referring to Measure M passing, or something else? (Just fyi, I rarely go to the Valley and whatever the folk there decide to do is fine with me.)

  • Ennnne

    Also … I object a bit to calling him a “gadfly.” I think he is kinda legit, myself. Plus … whatever the merits of this project, about which I care not … if it happens, some idiot somewhere will want to use it as an excuse to argue for increased density. Which, no one needs (it being entirely separate imo from “affordability”). So it’s only fair to warn your readers of that.

    And while I am being a nuisance … may as well add, that even if I agreed with all of the agenda here, which I don’t (though there is some overlap – and, it’s not boring!) … I don’t think the pro-density hype is going to wear well, so you-all might give some thought to how deep in you want to get.

  • joe kozul

    METRO FACTS regarding the Nordhoff BRT Route. A CSUN/METRO/Senator Hertzberg transit misrepresentation that once scrutinized cannot support the purported intent.


    For your audience, this disclosure, the poster lived in Buenos Aires Argentina for 13 years, one of the world’s premier Mass Transit systems. Additionally, 6 months in NYC, 2 in DC.

    I am not a NIMBY, but I’m not staying quiet about a plan which is going to yield frequent empty buses that have to make so many stops, the BRT time gains are evaporated.

    The Nordhoff BRT is non-sense. Make the Orange line rail and quit treating the valley as 3rd class citizens.


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