Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Homelessness Grew 75% In 6 Years (LAT)
  • Transit Ridership Falling Because Angelenos Buying Cars (Curbed, SGV Tribune, KPCC)
  • Excessive Parking Requirements Are Killing L.A. Bungalow Courts (Curbed)
  • Man Convicted Of Sexual Assault for Serial Groping on Metro (LAT)
  • Carnage: Man Killed In Motorcycle-Car Collision In Downey (Downey Patriot)
    …Motorcyclist Killed In Venice/Glyndon Crash (@Positive_Palya  Twitter)
    …Former NBA Player And Wife Killed In Studio City Crash (ABC)
  • Mid-Rise Mixed-Use Los Feliz Project Going To Plan Commission (Urbanize)
  • Affordable Housing Planned For West L.A. Animal Shelter Site (Urbanize)
  • Cyclist Pushing Back On Bike-Ban On Mariposa Street Bridge (LAT)
  • The California Dream Is Dying, Unless Housing Is Built (Urbanize)

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  • Ennnne

    Thanks for putting up that link for me yesterday. (I did a search under “Sahra” first but there didn’t seem to be a way to date-sort the results, and I didn’t see the piece I was looking for anywhere up high. I am on an older computer though. Maybe it isn’t loading right.) I am sorry to make more work for you.

    I am curious about something else now. What is the thinking behind closing the comments? Do you-all do it every day? I was wondering bc I was hoping to take down the comment I had in the wrong place, and put it in the place it ought to have gone … but both comment threads were closed. I am curious to know why. Thanks in advance! (This may be closed by the time I have time to get back here, but, I will definitely come back.)

  • sahra

    We normally don’t close the comments…in fact, I think we’ve only done it a handful of times in all these years. But on that particular article, the comments had devolved into a really unproductive and troubling shouting match between people who came to troll us and/or each other. We, myself included, welcome constructive feedback, critiques, different positions being staked out, etc. What was happening there was none of the above and not the kind of dialogue we want to support. Several awful comments even had to be deleted…something we don’t ever want to have to do.

    The comments closed on the headlines yesterday because Josef Bray-Ali, someone we’ve banned from our comments section four or five times now for his egregious trolling, suddenly reappeared and it seemed best to head that off at the pass.

    If you feel you’re not being heard and want to reach me directly about a story, my email is sahra[at]streetsblog[dot]org. I’m hoping to publish a follow-up story on the Red Line incident tomorrow (Monday, at the latest), so if you want to wait til then to post your thoughts, that’s fine, too. It is a bit harder to find our older stories with our facelift. Mine can always be found here:



  • Frankly Stunned

    A confluence of progressive political issues and the recently released UCLA study that shows automobile ownership is up significantly puts the livable streets movement in an interesting new place.

    I think the anecdotal evidence is fairly clear that all the automobile buying subsidies (big and small, state and federal, direct and through tax breaks and loan underwriting) have helped grow ownership rates.

    Additionally, the ability for undocumented immigrants to get loans, insurance, and re-established privilege to obtain drivers licenses in California are likely also responsible for this increase in automobile ownership.

    This is what I mean by a confluence of progressive issues and the stated goals of many in the urbanist and livable streets scene. If we’re opposed to expanding the Happy Motoring way of life so many lead here in Los Angeles, are we also opposed to the above policies?

    It would appear that only an anti-immigrant, small federal government, conservative would be comfortable pushing livable streets issues going forward!

    I’m jumping ship – as the inevitable profound loss on every front (ahem, transit ridership down, identity politics ripping through every policy discussion, crashes and deaths carrying on as they have, etc.) and/or the inevitable denunciations of anyone against Happy Motoring being associated with anti-immigrant, pro-gentrification, anti-populist (i.e. anti-subsidy) policies.

    Have fun, y’all, it’s been real.

  • sahra


    Continuing to find excuses to crow about “identity politics” – code for your disdain for concerns raised about black lives (and now… undocumented immigrants? really??) – doesn’t really help the whole I’ve-been-defamed-because-I’m-not-a-racist shtick.

    I would say people will be relieved to hear you’re jumping ship, but considering most jumped ship on you and your bigotry eight months ago… I’m sorry to say I can’t guarantee too many tears will be shed.

    But congrats to you on “exiting” with a bigoted flourish – go big or go home, right?


  • Ennnne

    Hi Sahra,

    thank you so much for the very informative answer. I appreciate it. Your site is in a difficult position vis-a-vis commenters. And it would be (I imagine) too expensive and annoying to have to pay a full-time babysitter. If people would just behave, it would not be necessary. (Wow, kind of relative to the subject matter at hand too. Oh well. I am no anarchist.)

    As for myself, I don’t feel unheard and I’m not sure it is anyone’s duty to hear me in the first place. It is more that it can be hard to have discussions with people when threads close.

    Anyhow, thanks again and I look forward to reading your article.

    a big Sahra fan!