Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Traffic Fatalities Declined In 2017, Fell Short Of Vision Zero Goal (KPCC)
  • Carnage: Pedestrian Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver In Norwalk (LB Press Telegram)
    …Pedestrian Killed In Rosamond Hit-and-Run Crash (KTLA)
    …Glendale Driver Flees After Hitting Car, Jumping Curb, Crashing Into Peds (LAT)
  • Two Car Crashes On Fountain Avenue In WeHo Yesterday (WeHoVille)
    …Another Fountain Avenue Car Crash Last Week (WeHoVille)
  • Woman LAPD Pulled From Subway Files Excessive Force Claim (LAT)
  • How L.A. Is Making DTLA’s Spring Street Safer (KPCC)
  • Metro Celebrates 25 Years Of the Red/Purple Line (The Source, SGV Tribune)
  • Team Selected To Build And Operate LAX Peoplemover (Global Rail News)
  • Affordable TOD Planned At Watts Blue Line Station (Urbanize)
  • Ryu Looks To Pay Parking To Solve Runyon Canyon Traffic Jams (Curbed)
  • Pro-Trump Racist Harasses Asians On Metro (Angry Asian Man)
  • Homeless Advocates Sue To Stop OC From Clearing River Encampment (KPCC)
  • CA Lawmakers Seek High-Speed Rail Audit (KPCC)

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  • Person Of Interest

    Did I miss the coverage by Streetsblog of the arrest of a serial groper prowling on Metro buses and trains?

  • Joe Linton


  • Ennnne

    I had some issues with Sahra’s piece about the recent incident on Metro. (The one with the youngster who apparently thought she was in her own home and put her feet up on the seat.)

    It’s a little odd that you took it down though. Couldn’t she just do a follow-up? I don’t know what actual news publications do about this sort of thing, but the way things appear and disappear here is confusing. Are you a news organization, by the way? What I like about Sahra’s work is, she actually researches and reports. (Usually.)

  • Joe Linton

    We didn’t take it down – just scroll down to find it – or go to

  • sahra

    *Always, not “usually.” Lol.

    And I do have a follow-up coming. Should post at the end of this week… I wanted to hear from Bethany herself first and put all of what I’ve heard from all sides into a larger context.

  • sahra
  • Browser User

    It is worth discussing the racial, class, and historical implications of this. In order to stake out the writers’ positions on law enforcement on the Metro system.

    Given the style of reporting done about the removal of a woman from the Red Line recently, it is a bit strange this conviction has been overlooked.

  • sahra

    Or, Josef, I’ve spent the last week working on a story that also includes a discussion of that issue that has not yet been published. As someone who has been groped and physically assaulted more times than I could even begin to count, it is actually an issue of great concern to me. The fact that you’ve chosen to hide your identity and make this about our coverage, on the other hand, sadly suggests your only interest in this issue is scoring some points on a board only you care about.

    All my best,