Eyes on the Street: Green Bike Lanes on Culver City’s Duquesne Avenue

New bike lane on Duquesne between Culver and Washington Boulevards. All photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.
New bike lane on Duquesne between Culver and Washington Boulevards. All photos by Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A.

Earlier this summer, Culver City installed its first green-pavement bike lanes. There are actually two different projects, both on a half-mile stretch of Duquesne Avenue between Washington Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard.

Green left turn bike lane from Duquesne onto Ballona Creek
Culver City’s green left turn bike lane from Duquesne Avenue onto the Ballona Creek bike path.


Where Duquesne crosses the Ballona Creek bike path, there is a bike path entrance only on the south side of the street. To make it easier for westbound cyclists to turn left onto the bike path, the city installed a green left turn bike lane.

Just west of the creek, the city added a 5-block-long bike lane, that includes thermoplastic-painted green pavement. The green is not continuous, but marks the start of the bike lane at each block, and is dashed through conflict zones where right-turning drivers merge across the bike lane.

Dashed green patches mark the merge zone on Culver City’s Duquesne Avenue
Crosswalks were also upgraded to higher-visibility zebra versions

The green lanes connect Culver City’s downtown area with the Ballona Creek path which extends to the beach. The facility runs along city hall and police department headquarters.

The new bike lanes did not remove car capacity, but narrowed existing lanes. With the project, Culver City also upgraded crosswalks to high-visibility zebra style.

These are not the first green bike lanes in Los Angeles County; there are existing green bikeways in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Glendale.

Map of planned Culver City bikeway connections to the Expo Line, Expo Bike Path, and downtown. Image via Culver City staff report
Culver City is proceeding with studies for a 2-way bikeway along several downtown streets – proposed cross-section for Washington Blvd. Image via Culver City Staff Report

There are several more bike projects on the way for Culver City. On August 28, City Council voted to proceed with engineering work for the planned Expo-Downtown Bicycle Connector. The project is anticipated to include two-way protected bikeways on portions of Robertson and Washington Boulevards. The bikeways will better connect downtown Culver City with the Metro Expo Line station and the Expo Bike Path.

A bike hub is coming to the Expo Line Culver City Station. The city is pushing for bike-share, and about to begin outreach for a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan.


  • D Man

    Love the picture of the girl riding her bike in the crosswalk. When will these bikers learn to obey traffic laws to keep pedestrians safe?

  • Vooch

    how many pedestrians have been killed by cyclists ?

    how many by drivers ?

  • michael macdonald

    You do realize that it’s legal to ride in a crosswalk, right?

  • Jason

    One time in Germany I got nailed by a cyclist. One of those bike lanes where it’s on the sidewalk and you have to cross it to get from the pedestrian walkway portion of the sidewalk to the Strassenbahn side of the crosswalk.

    Looked left, looked right, saw nothing, bam, nailed by a cyclist moving at a pretty decent clip. As I recall, I walked away from it just fine moments later (just had to get over the shock of being hit in the first place); I remember thinking the cyclist seemed to have gotten it much worse since they were the one tossed of their bike at speed.

  • Vooch

    like this ?

  • Care to cite the law she is breaking?

    Take your time, we’ll wait.

  • Fred Davis

    Can’t seem to find numbers for peds killed by cyclists. I’m guessing the number is extremely low or you would be posting it daily.

    However, I did find these, both from the LA Times, using this thing called Google:

    From January to June 2015, 347 people on foot were struck and killed by cars across California.

    About 700 pedestrians died in motor vehicle incidents in California in
    2014, according preliminary findings released by the Governors Highway
    Safety Assn.

  • Germany isn’t exactly known for their great bike facilities, as exciting as they may look to the visiting American.

  • D Man

    CVC 21200/21650. She is not riding on the right side of the roadway in the same direction as traffic. Also, she may be violating LAMC 56.15 but we can’t tell because we only have a limited scope of view.

  • D Man

    If the goal is to eliminate all injuries and deaths to pedestrians then cyclists need to learn to do their part. We need to start aggressively citing cyclists for violating all local and state vehicle codes.

  • Vooch

    Blame the victim much ?

  • D Man

    The cyclist is not the victim in this scenario. And in fact, you are blaming the victim.

  • Vooch

    operating a 3,500 lbs deadly weapon on the street carries with it a set of grave responsibilities, namely driving at a speed that doesn’t kill humans. That’s 20 mph or less.

    If humans are present, drivers should never exceed 20 MPH.

    Streets are for people.

  • She is on the sidewalk. The crosswalk is an extension of the sidewalk. This was made explicitly legal under Arnie


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