Construction Committee Approves Blue Line Improvement Study

Metro will study Improvement for its workhorse Blue Line light rail.   Photo:
Metro will study Improvement for its workhorse Blue Line light rail. Photo:

This morning, the Metro board Construction Committee approved a motion to study improvements to the Metro Blue Line. The Blue Line is the oldest Metro rail line, the highest ridership line for Metro, and the highest ridership modern light rail line in the United States.

The motion was put forth by four boardmembers: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, County Supervisor Janice Hahn, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, and Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker. It calls for implementing short-term improvements and studying long-term improvements.

Short-term improvements would be focused on the street-running section of the line on Washington Boulevard and Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles. Improvements could include signal optimization, signal priority, signal preemption, and possible street closures. Improvements on Flower would serve both the Blue and Expo Lines.

Long-term improvements could include:

  • creating Blue Line peak-hour express service
  • grade separation on Washington and Flower in downtown L.A.
  • grade separation and/or station relocation at Wardlow Station in Long Beach
  • additional grade separation along the entire Blue Line

Mayor Garcia stressed the importance of the Blue Line connecting Los Angeles County’s two largest downtowns, Long Beach and Los Angeles. Garcia called the Blue Line the original “subway to the sea” emphasizing that it connects inland communities to coastal resources. Garcia asserted that the Blue Line’s downtown Long Beach terminus should, through infrastructure and signage, welcome riders to the coast, similar to how the downtown Santa Monica Expo Station does.

Metro CEO Phil Washington stated that he would like to “start now” on downtown Long Beach improvements and that especially signage could be upgraded right away.

Garcia also expressed his support for future express service. Supervisor Hahn professed her support for further grade separation, but was skeptical about express service, fearing that express line will limit community access.

Public testimony from downtown L.A.’s South Park BID and Central City Association was supportive of the motion, especially for grade separation in downtown L.A., including Pico Station.

The motion was amended twice in committee. Garcia requested that the study include the above-mentioned coastal connections. Dupont-Walker requested that graffiti abatement also be included.

The Construction Committee approved the motion unanimously. If approved by the full board next week, Metro staff would report back with further details in July.

  • Oren


  • Vooch

    express service would be a great addition

  • User_1

    Ohhhhhhhh……. I sure hope they put in train info, kinda like what the Red Line* does. Oh I hope, I hope, I hope……….

    * This isn’t an endorsement that Red Line is doing it right. It’s just they have it!

  • Richard

    An express service would face a lot of obstacles. First you need a new ROW from Washington station to Pico. It doesnt matter how fast you run from Long Beach to Washington if you have to slow to a crawl for the last 2 miles.

    Then you have to figure out where the ridership generators are. The highest boarding after 7th street is the interchange with the green line(obviously the express would have to hit that). Outside of that no stations really generate high ridership. Long Beach transit mall has less boardings than Compton, Florence, Willow, Grand, and Pico.

    I suppose you could save a little time skipping 1st/5th in Long Beach, Wardlow, Firestone, Slauson, and Washington Stations but then why not have all trains skip them?

  • Richard

    12th, Pico, Venice, 18th, and Washington all cross the doubled up tracks. My feeling is you only need to preserve 2 of those crossings for auto traffic. Build a few underpasses.

    In the meantime, get uniformed traffic cops at those intersections to wave the trains through.


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