Today’s Headlines

  • Confirmation Hearing for Attorney-General-to-Be Jeff Sessions is Underway; Hear Him Weigh in on Immigration, Policing, Hate Crime Legislation, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, His Sadness about Being Called a Racist (Live feed on Yahoo).
  • “Dangerous by Design” Highlights Overrepresentation of People of Color (Especially in Lower-Income Communities) and Elderly among Ped Deaths; Argues for Importance of Good Design (SmartGrowthAmerica)
  • Open letter from Housing and Urban Planning Profs around the country oppose Ben Carson’s nomination to lead HUD. (Google Doc)
  • Board of Supervisors Vote Today on Expanding Mental Eval Teams in LASD to Improve Interactions with the Mentally Ill (KPCC)
  • Would the 2024 Olympics Really Generate $11 Billion Locally? (KPCC)
  • The Triforium Revival is Underway Downtown (Downtown News)
  • Governor Brown Rolls out New Spending Plan Today (L.A. Times)
  • Protests Ignited by Gasoline Price Hikes Continue to Roil Mexico (L.A. Times)

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