Today’s Headlines

  • Motorist Trying To Flee Parking Ticket Crashes Truck Into MacArthur Park (LAT, KTLA)
  • Opinion: L.A. Zoning Codes Are Relic Of A Bygone Age (LAT)
  • Beverly Press Profiles This Sunday’s Wilshire Blvd CicLAvia
  • Metro’s New Student Pass Program Is Up and Running (The Source)
  • CA Bill Could Accelerate Hollywood Developments (LAT)
  • Carnage: Motorhome Crashes Into Sylmar Home, Killing Driver (LAT)
  • Court Rules L.A. Improperly Outsourced Parking Ticket Reviews (L.A. Weekly)
  • Planning Commission Considers Reef Development (Curbed)
  • Orange County Cities Seek Bicycle Project Funding (KPCC)
  • OC Driver Admits He Screwed Up After Cyclist Harassment Vid Goes Viral (CBS2)
  • So Cal Smog Worst In Years, Causing Hospital Visits (LAT)
  • Free Parking Causes Problems For Cities (Governing)

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  • M

    There’s a guy who drives around on the sidewalks at the Studio City/Universal Red Line station… I tried calling the police and actually went to the police station with a video of this (a metro employee on site told me this guy does this all the time) as he sped off, driving off the sidewalk using the pedestrian ramp and straight into the only remaining crosswalk at the intersection with many pedestrians around in the middle of the day. The police had zero interest in even SEEING the video even though there’s pedestrians all over and he does this regularly.

    After reading about the MacArthur park driver, I see why. Some days I have zero hope for this city getting it together.

  • Rabi

    Multiple stories about the MacArthur Park crash quote witnesses talking about how “nice” the driver is. How are people so ready to defend reckless drivers?

  • Joe Linton

    Could you share your video?