Today’s Headlines

  • Phil Washington’s Record For His First Year As Metro CEO (The Source)
  • Downtown Glendale Looks To Raise Parking Meter Rates (LAT)
  • Affordable Housing TOD Rising At Mariachi Plaza (Urbanize)
  • WeHo Opening Its 200-Space $18-Million Robo-Car-Parking Garage May 24 (WeHoVille)
  • All-Door Boarding Coming To Metro Silver Line June 26 (Metro presentation)
  • Richard Platkin Explains the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (Lisa Schweitzer)
  • Army Corps Crews Removing Flood Barriers Blocking L.A. River Bike Path (@CorpsLADistrict Twitter)
  • Boom Photographs Latino Urbanism
  • Driving While Pregnant Is Riskier Than You Think (NPR)
  • Car-Share Bridges Gap Between American Egotism And American Salary (New Yorker via Price Tags)

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  • ExpoRider

    Wow, $2.6M for a 200 space parking garage, at $13,000 per space that’s a lot less than the $30-50K average range that I’ve heard quoted so much recently. Oops, I just read the article and it says the project cost $18M, or $90,000 per space.

  • Joe Linton

    Hmmm… you’re right (I fixed it)… but there’s also a $2.6M contract referenced here:

  • ExpoRider

    This is fun. It’s like one of those picture puzzles… “Find the differences.” So far I found the project price tags ($2.6 M vs. $18 M) and the name of the WeHo mayor (John J. Duran vs. Lauren Meister). Can you top that?

  • Vooch

    think about it – (100) 900 sqft apartments could have been built instead of this blight. Hard budget cost of each apartment $180k or $200/ft

  • D G Spencer Ludgate

    Not quite… A parking space is about 200 square feet. The reason this is a robo-garage is to reduce the need for ramps and aisles. This increases the number of spaces in a small footprint.

    Assuming 200 sq feet per space, then the building would hold 50 800 sq-foot apartments. Now if these apartments are one bedrooms, then the bedroom needs to have a window (fire regulations), this reduces the amount to about 30 units. Even though this complex is at a corner where the 704 bus stops, anybody who can afford to live at that address is going to demand at a minimum a tandem parking space (remember, StreetsBlog readers are not the majority). So at most you will end up with is 20 units.

  • Vooch

    a typical multistory parking garage is 450sqft per parking space.

    this wonderous techno-Magic might get down to 375ft per space but going to be tough

    I stand by my 100 units because West Hollywood has the density to attract those who realize owning a private car is a waste waste waste :)