Today’s Headlines

  • Long Beach Beach Streets Lots of Fun, Music, Bikes (LBPT)
  • Car Title Loans: 1 In 9 End In Repossession (LAT)
  • Curbed Visits Koreatown’s Los Angeles Eco-Village
  • Bike Lanes Are “Anglo Triumphalism” – Gregory Rodriguez of Zocalo (L.A. Magazine)
  • Councilmember Koretz Pushing To Axe Planned Westwood Bike Lanes (Daily Bruin)
  • A Look At Chinatown Station TOD Blossom Plaza (Urbanize)
  • The Psychology Of Getting Around Los Angeles (Move L.A.)
  • Newport Beach Looking Into Summer Trolley For Balboa Peninsula (LAT)
  • L.A. County Will Have Two Incompatible Bike-Share Systems (KPCC)
  • Michigan Judge Bans Driver’s Cell Phone For Distracted Killing Of Cyclist (LAT)
  • Washington D.C. Likes Metro’s All-Door Boarding Too (GGW)

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  • Marcotico

    I think we need to be careful making too big a deal about “compatibility” of bike share systems. LA County is a big place. Bikeshare is used to make relatively short one way trips. I’ve ridden bikeshare bikes in Washington DC and Seattle, they are pretty heavy and uncomfortable if you are used to anything other than a cruiser. So assuming you ride 10-12 mph, you can ride ride 6 miles during the 30 minutes covered by your pass. Some may disagree with me, but this is not a bike you want to take out for a pleasure ride for an hour.

    Santa Monica to Downtown LA, is 14 miles. Long Beach to Downtown LA is 18 miles as the crow flies, more like 20-22 using the surface streets. So you won’t be able to make those trips until the spheres of each deployment get big enough to change systems as you would on transit. I’m not saying that no one is going to to want to make those trips, but I am saying that deploying currently incompatible sytemss won’t impact each system’s immediate usefullness as much as some people might suspect.