Today’s Headlines

  • Uh Oh! Metrolink Pulls Plug on Agency Watchdog (LAT)
  • PL8CHAT Ap Could Really Piss Off Distracted Drivers (LAist)
  • Councilmember Buscaino Bikes in China (Twitter)
  • LA Expected To Allow Expanded West Adams Oil Drilling (KPCC)
  • Taking on Man-Spread and Other Transit User Rudeness (LAT)
  • How To Not Walk To the Hollywood Sign (Gizmodo)
  • Culver City Installing Bike Parking Racks (CC Observer)
  • Carnage: Bighorn Sheep Escapes Zoo, But Not Griffith Park Traffic (KPCC)
    Maybe A Wildlife Undercrossing, Like Calabasas’, Would Help (KPCC)
  • Santa Monica PD Stepping Up Bike Infraction Enforcement Now (Santa Monica Next)
  • 12 Ways Bicycling Changed Writer’s Life (We Like L.A.)
  • Electric Bicycles Work For Some Commuters (KPCC)
  • Phoenix AZ Launches Bike Share System (AZ Central)
  • SF To Add Bus-Priority Signals on Haight (SB SF)
  • NYCPD Literally Tackling Scofflaw Cyclists (SBNYC)
  • Early L.A. Traffic Officers’ Backs Faced Oncoming Cars (LAT)

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