Today’s Headlines

  • Editorial Board Split on Toll Lanes, Great Dialog Ensues (LAT)
    OCTA Approves Widening 405 Freeway for Toll Lanes (LAT)
  • L.A. City Reviewing Mansionization Rules (LAT)
  • Gold Line Eastside Extension Hearings Announced (The Source)
  • Bay Area Officials Fight CalEnviroScreen Climate Change Funds Going Elsewhere (LAT)
  • West Hollywood Scofflaws Don’t Actually Stop at Stop Signs (WeHoVille)
  • ‘Pump’ Documentary Looks at Alternate Fuels (LA Register)
  • Mainstream Media Troubled By Car-Share Curb Parking Space (SB SF)
  • SF Fire Department Delays Were Not From Street Design (SB SF)
  • Sad Vid: NC Hit-and-Run Driver Kills 13-Year Old (Yahoo)
  • Anti-Islamic Ads Approved for NYC Subway (HuffPo)
  • NYC Council Fines Hit-and-Run Crimes (SB NYC)
    Hopefully Governor Brown Will Soon Approve Similar Hit-and-Run Deterrents

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  • Niall Huffman

    A few items that need attention here.

    –Best double-check the links on the 405 toll lane story; both links lead to the same opinion post.
    –Bad link on the CalEnviroScreen story.
    –“CalEnviroScreen Climate Change Funds” is kind of a misnomer. The funding in question comes from the AB 32 cap-and-trade program; CalEnviroScreen is an analytical tool that’s being used to help define “disadvantaged communities” and determine how some of the funds get distributed. I suggest “cap-and-trade funds” or “disadvantaged communities funds.”

  • Joe Linton

    Thanks for proofreading! I’ve fixed the erroneous links. I agree that the CalEnviroScreen wording is awkward – kind of a misnomer – but it was my attempt to sort of smush a couple of things together… and I think, though, not great, it conveys the crux of the article as short and accessibly as I could.