Today’s Headlines

  • 3-Foot Passing Law Goes Into Effect Today (LAT)
    Police Armed with 3-Foot Tape Measures Video (Azusa PD Facebook)
    3-Foot Law Will Pose Some Challenges for Drivers (KPCC Airtalk)
    How Can the 3-Foot Passing Law Be Controversial? (Red Queen in L.A.)
    Watch and Share This Nathan Lucero 3-Foot video (YouTube)
  • Jane Jacobs Still Inspires Boy on a Bike
  • Metro Fares Went Up, Mostly Smoothly (LAT)
  • Santa Barbara (16), Pasadena (21), Ventura (23) Among Top 100 Livable US Cities (KPCC)
  • The Space of Our Time Traffic Documentary Trailer Features SBLA’s Damien Newton (Vimeo)
  • Strong Towns Curbside Chat Trailer Looks Great (Vimeo)
  • Supervisor Pushes For NACTO Guidelines To Be SF City Policy (SB SF)
  • Driving Stinks (SB NYC)

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