Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Fare Hike In Effect on Monday (The Source)
  • Councilmember Buscaino Rides the Famous Wilmington Bike Lanes (CD15 Youtube)
  • D.A. Lacey Responds to LACBC on Olin Case, Summary: Nope (LACBC)
  • Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Is on Tumblr
  • Scary Ignorant CHP Officer Pulls Over Fast-Descending Cyclist (Biking in L.A.)
  • Fed TIGER Grants Announced: 2 To Improve Bike/Walk to Metro Rail (LA Register)
  • Downtown Housing’s Growth Indicates Weaknesses Elsewhere (Let’s Go L.A.)
  • TRIP Study Estimates Bad Roads Cost L.A. Drivers $2500 Per Year (LA Register, Curbed)
  • How Single-Speed Bike Boom Is Expanding Cycling Population (SB Chicago)
  • Presidio Freeway Project Marketing Irks SB SF
  • SF Disabled Placard Parking Scofflaws Get Their Due (CBS)
  • What Is a Road Diet and Why Are They So Wonderful (City Lab)

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