The Week in Livable Streets Events

sblog_calendarIt’s a short week, but there’s some big stuff on the agenda.

  • Tonight – The Expo Construction Authority gives an update on the construction of the new line in Santa Monica. An L.A. update is coming next week. There will be no update on construction of the bike path as they still aren’t actually constructing the bike path. Get the meeting details, here.
  • Wednesday – Honestly? This isn’t the most exciting Transportation Committee agenda. There’s some stuff about flashing signals, some street redesignations, and other stuff. But this is where a lot of city policy in regards to transportation occurs, and this might be the last meeting before the committee gets swamped by a discussion of the MyFigueroa! program. Read the agenda, here.
  • Wednesday – A final meeting of Beverly Hills’ Blue Ribbon Commission on Santa Monica Blvd.’s new design. Will it have bike lanes or just a gigantic 16 foot lane with Sharrows? Meeting details, here.
  • Thursday – What I thought was a light-weight agenda last week is turning into a blockbuster with motions concerning gating all Orange Line stops, a totally new fare proposal and another on creating a countywide bike share system. From “reports” to motions. Exciting. Get all the details, here.
  • Thursday – What better way to celebrate a long Metro Board meeting than a Transit Coalition Dinner Meeting? This month, TTC will discuss the long-awaited rail connection to LAX with one of the men responsible for making it happen, Roderick Diaz. Remember, you need to make a reservation on Event Brite to get in, so do so now. THIS MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO 2/6.
  • Saturday – Young Professionals in Transportation is leading a tour of Metro’s bus operations center at 11 am in Union Station. Arrive at the east portal a little early so they can leave right on time. Get the rest of the event details, here.

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The Week in Livable Streets

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