We Can Tell You How to Get, How to Get to People St

The People St program seeks to bring more plazas, such as the one above in Silver Lake, parklets and bike corrals through the city by encouraging partnerships with community groups.

“Thank you for liberating our streets,” City Council Transportation Committee Chair Mike Bonin greeted LADOT staff last week. While LADOT staff may not be used to a hero’s welcome, Assistant General Manager Dan Mitchell and Assistant Pedestrian Coordinator Valerie Watson weren’t there to present a typical transportation project, or even to talk about why some five-lane street in The Valley needs to have its speed limit increased.

They were there to talk about People St.

For those that missed it, People St is a new LADOT program, which will be formally launched next week, to partner with community groups to create more bike corrals (L.A. has 2), Parklets (L.A. has 3) and pedestrian plazas (just one…and it has polka dots). Mitchell and Watson were there to ask the City Council to approve a timeline for an application process.

In other words, People St isn’t just a flashy website. It’s a real program that’s going to create more space for humans on a small portion of the thousands of underused miles of streets in Los Angeles. The first application process will begin on March 1. The next one will begin October 1 with future cycles beginning on October 1 in future years. While the second application process is beginning, the city will actually begin installing the first People St programs.

The full proposed timeline is available below.

Once approved by the full Council next week, community groups will be able to propose their own parklet, plaza and bike corral locations and work with the city to make them happen. Some local advocacy groups are already working on their own People St projects. For example, the Los Angeles Eco-Village is already planning for a new plaza located near their Bimini St compound.

“Communities that know their neighborhoods best propose project locations and are responsible for long-term maintenance,” explains Watson. Costs will be split between the city and the community partners for construction.

Currently, the People St website is informational. An expansion of the website is planned for early next year. On March 1, 2014 the city plans that the site will be a two-way portal for people to learn about the program and for the city to collect project ideas from community groups and businesses.

At the hearing, there was no stated opposition to the program. Most of the time spent on People St was spent by Mike Bonin asking technical questions and Watson responding. The audio from the hearing is available here

Mayor Eric Garcetti is another supporter of People St.

“I’m focused on a back to basics agenda to make City Hall work better for our neighborhoods,” Garcetti wrote to Streetsblog. “People St is one of the many tools in our Great Streets toolbox as we work to transform the way Angelenos interact with the built environment.  People St’s bottom-up, community-based approach will bring the focus back on the street, and we’ll use existing government resources to make streets safer and more enjoyable.”

When the People St website is updated, Streetsblog will let you know.

Proposed People St Application Timeline

• December 2013: City Council Adoption of People St Program
• January i-February 28,2014: Full Program Launch; Supporting Materials
Available (Application Manuals, Kit of Parts documents, etc.)
• March 1,2014: One-Time, Introductory Application Window Opens
• April 30, 2014: One-Time, Introductory Application Window Closes
• May 1-June 15, 2014: LADOT Application Evaluationeople St Program -6- November 20,2013
• June 2014: LADOT reports back to City Council on approved project locations;
selected applications identified and applicants notified
• July-September 2014: Project Design Development
• September 2014: Pre-Installation Evaluation Data Collection
• October-November 2014: MOUs Executed; Project Installation
• October 1, 2014: Regular, yearly 2-month Application Window Opens


  • ubrayj02

    Darn it. I have an audio interview I did with Valerie from People St. a few months back about this program that I haven’t had the time to edit down. Gah!

  • stvr

    Here’s a scoop for Streetsblog. The People St program is banning parklets on streets that are faster than 25 mph. Basically every commercial corridor with businesses won’t be able to do a parklet because they are 35 mph streets. USELESS PROGRAM. Classic LA fail.

  • LADOT People St

    HOLD UP! Please take a closer look at the site location criteria on the “Get Ready” page of the People St website. Applications for locations on 30 or 35 mph streets will be considered on a case by case basis. Commercial corridors often have metered parking that “wraps” the corner with commercial & retail frontages, so side streets are great locations to consider! Folks are encouraged to contact People St at peoplest@lacity.org or via the inquiry form at the bottom of the “Get Ready” page if unclear about viability of candidate sites.

  • stvr

    I’m not misreading this:

    “Parklets must be located at least one parking spot in from corner and along a street with a speed limit of 25 MPH or less. Streets with speed limits of 30 or 35 MPH may be considered on a case by case basis. A 5-foot buffer between the edge of the closet travel lane and the Parklet must be provided on streets with a speed limit of 30 or 35 MPH with LADOT approval.”

    This basically eliminates the possibility of doing parklets on Sunset Boulevard or Vermont Avenue or Melrose Avenue or Hollywood Boulevard or Vine Street or Pico Boulevard or Third Street…

    No way are the NIMBYs going to want sidewalk dining on the side streets off of Melrose…


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