LADOT: Spring Street Re-Paint Will Be Completed by CicLAvia

Photo: Fireweed/##

In response to yesterday’s story on the Spring Street Bike Lane, LADOT reached out to assure me that the repainting of the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane will be completed by Saturday.

Some readers informed me this morning that there was some new paint on the ground (“It looks horrible,” more than one of you bemoaned.) but the department assures me that this is the first of a three step process. They wanted to do the painting at night so it wouldn’t disrupt the daytime traffic and would be dry by morning.

As for the delay? Simply put, it took longer for some of the materials to arrive after ordering than was originally anticipated.

If anyone wants to share pictures with us of the lane as the painting moves forward, put a link in the comments section and we’ll post at this article.


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