Today’s Headlines

  • Some Basic Coverage of the Demonstrations, Much More Later (LAT, HuffPo, Daily News)
  • Feds Pull Plug on Loan Application for Xpress HSR to Vegas (CAHSR Blog, Curbed)
  • Fake Libertarians Who Baselessly Slandered the Project Celebrate (Heritage, National Review)
  • Supporters Say Application Isn’t Dead (Victorville PressKSNBC-Vegas)
  • NYT Looks at Ride Share Controversy in L.A., Quotes SBLA Board Chair Juan Matute
  • Groups Want to Make Sure Black Contractors Get Jobs on Crenshaw (OurWeekly)
  • Economist Argues NIMBY’s Are Killing LA by Stunting Its Growth (LAT)
  • The Caines’ Arcade Kid Is Opening a Bike Shop (NBC4)
  • Back to the Shop for Pasadena Bike Plan…Apparently, Its Not Progressive Enough (Star-News)
  • The Source Is Really Excited About Bike Trains, and the People Who Lead Them (One, Two)
  • “The Sky Will Fall” on Santa Barbara Bus Riders (SB Independent)
  • PA Teens Rescue Kidnapped Child After Chasing Down Car on Their Bikes (Daily Mail)
  • I-5 Freeway Fire Could Give SGV Its Own Carmageddon (LAT, Daily News)

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