Mexico Meets Eastside: Ruminations on Buses, Metro, Bicycles and Swap Meets

Metro would never go for this Guatemalan styled bus, but it would sure turn heads. Con Clase shown in reverse translates to "With Class." Kris Fortin/LAStreetsblog

It’s a copout to compare my travels in Mexico and Guatemala to anything on the Eastside. But, I can’t help it. It’s one of the biggest things on my mind the entire time.

Every time I saw a bicycle in Mexico City selling flowers, or taking water canisters to businesses, I would think of the mobile bike vendors with chips and junk food I saw once riding down First Street a block from the Pico Aliso Gold Line Station. Every tiangus, or marketplace, whether the size of a small neighborhood or an outpost outside of a metro station, I recalled stories of the Breed Street market.

So, here’s what I saw, the similarities, and the things I think could help the Eastside:

How many ways can you say bicycle
















Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Review Advisory Committee

There have been a fair number of folks making comments on this site and elsewhere on the internet about the recently opened Gold Line Eastside Extension and safety. This coming week the advisory committee that provides input to Metro on such issues is holding a meeting near the Indiana Street station (Alma is the next street […]

Project Update: Metro Eastside Extension Phase II

The meetings will provide the public with information Metro has received during scoping and on-going station planning efforts and the next technical steps of the project. The following are meeting dates and locations: Wednesday, September 1, 6-8pmMontebello Golf Course, Cannoneer Room901 Via San ClementeMontebello, CA 90640 Thursday, September 2, 6-8pmTown Center Hall, Social Hall11740 Telegraph […]
This week, Metro approved the next steps for extending the Eastside Gold Line

Metro Eastside Gold Line Alignments Finalized Before Environmental Studies

Yesterday, Metro’s Planning and Programming Committee approved final project definitions for a future Eastside Gold Line extension. If approved by the full board next week, the project moves forward into procuring a consultant to do environmental clearance studies. The Eastside Gold Line extensions are funded in the Measure M expenditure plan with two phases: $534 million […]