(Note: In place of our usual Week in Livable Streets Events, we’re focusing on some of the best, non government sponsored, bike events in the region. Just because Metro and LADOT aren’t sponsoring events, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. If the column proves popular, we’ll continue it in June – DN.)

What to do on your bike now that National Bike Week is over? Los Angeles’ Bike Community is an all year round, non-stop sprawling cement roadways of FUN! I am starting a new weekly blog to inform you of the whats and the happenings you can do on two wheels.

Monday nights on the East Side, if you think you have what it takes to go up with the best of the best than Wolfpack Hustle  is who you should be mashing your legs with. Never having missed a Monday night, roadies, fixie foos, spandex, mountain bikers, bike riders from all over the county participate in 40 plus miles of pure adrenaline rush. From Tang’s Donuts at Sunset and Fountain, you’ll find the fearless crew making their way into the valley or to the beach, through LAX, down to Watts, around downtown and back. Recommended that you bring a bike that can keep up, lots of lights, a helmet, stuffs to fix your own flat, etc., etc.

I’ve personally completed ONE. It’s doable. It’s fun. You will see parts of LA that you’ve never even heard of and experience a confidence in yourself you’ve never felt before the next morning. No doubt, it’s tough. But the payoff is priceless. BRING YOUR HUSTLE

Photo: John Prolley/Wolfpack Hustle

Wednesday night, in DTLALos Angeles County Bicycle Coalition aka LACBC, will be hosting BIKE SAFE: California Rules of the Road. Starting at 7pm, five speakers will be presenting their insight on California’s Bicycle rules and how those affect you, what you should know, as well as your rights and responsibilities as bicyclist. Offering Healthy snacks and refreshments along with free bicycle parking, this LACBC event is free to their members, $10 for general public. 

Photo: ## de Valera##

Sunday, all day: CHOPPERCABRAS!!!! the 12th Annual Spring Thingis presented by the Valley’s Atomic Cycles. Starting at noon, this bicycle event asks you to dress up as your favorite Science Fiction Character and bring a bike in good working order. There will be a leisurely bike ride, BBQ with free hot dogs and witnessing The Ring of Death: where crazy, insane bike events will take place – enter the ring at your own risk!!

If you have an upcoming bicycle event, please contact me or if you’re interested in other awesome bike events, please check out the Midnight Ridazz calendar. And check back next Monday for the what’s to do on a bike in and around and all over the Los Angeles area!


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