Taking the Green Out of the Bike Lane

One of the unchallenged truths of the debate over the fate of the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane is a claim from Film L.A. that it is really, really, super-duper, hard to edit out the green paint in post-production. For that reason, the green paint had to go.We decided to challenge that claim, and asked a reader familiar with film editing how hard it really would be.

The answer is in the above video. It took the editor all of about twenty seconds to remove the green.

In November of 2011, the City of Los Angeles painted a green buffered bike lane on Spring Street for nearly 1.5 miles. While cyclists and downtown residents were happy, Film L.A., a trade group representing the movie, television and commercial industry panned the lanes. The claim resurfaced this year as debate continues over whether to let the green paint in the lane fade out or whether to repaint it.


Huizar: It’s Time to Paint the Spring Street Green Bike Lane

Last Friday, Downtown and Eastside City Councilman Jose Huizar upped the ante in the debate over by introducing a motion demanding that LADOT repaint the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane. The motion, introduced by Bill Rosendahl and Ed Reyes on his behalf because of Huizar’s physical absence on Friday, The lane was painted in […]