Women and Transit in Los Angeles: Claiming a Safer Multi-Modal Community

Does riding the bus at night make you nervous?

Have you witnessed an uncomfortable situation on transit and didn’t know what to do?

Join us for a panel and interactive discussion about the reality and perceptions of women’s safety on public transportation in Los Angeles.

The event will include a panel discussion featuring researchers, Activists, and policy makers to explore the intersection of women’s safety and empowerment, urban planning, and transportation.

Bring your experiences, perspectives, and ideas to collaboratively find solutions on how to address these issues.


Planetizen Talks to UCLA Professor About Women’s Safety on Buses

Photo: Lucy RK in LA/Flickr Thanks to an excellent submission by Enci Box last year, we’ve had a couple of great discussions on women’s safety on the streets, both for cyclists and pedestrians.  However, we haven’t spent nearly as much energy discussing safety for bus riders, especially women bus riders.  Fortunately, Planetizen Editor Tim Halbur […]

Freedom to Be Inclusive

Crowd shot from last Friday’s panel discussion with David Byrne. At the October 2nd ALOUD event with David Byrne I couldn’t help but notice the lack of racial diversity in the crowd. It did not match the demographics of Los Angeles and certainly did not match the demographic that rides bicycles in Los Angeles. Where […]

The View from a Folding Chair

So.CA.TA in Fullerton in 2005 Photo: Trainweb.com It is important from time to time as an advocate to expose yourself to the broader universe of perceptions and experience beyond the universe of fellow advocates, agency staff, officials, etc. populating the policy sphere. We all have a stake in transportation issues and it is educational to […]

Replacing LOS: Experts Debate How CA Should Measure Transpo Impacts

California planning experts continue to debate how to most effectively measure transportation impacts in a way that will foster smarter growth, after the state abandoned the car-centric metric known as Level of Service (LOS). The acronym-laden process of measuring transportation under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) may be complex and wonky, but it’s certainly important. In […]