CicLAvia Unveils Official Map for 4/21 CicLAvia to the Sea

Click on the image to see a larger version of the map.

Earlier today, CicLAvia released the map for the April 21 CicLAvia. “Los Angeles’ biggest block party” had previously announced that it would hold three CicLAvias this year, featuring two completely new routes. April 21 will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

While we already knew that the April route would be mainly on Venice Boulevard heading from Figueroa to the beach, but the just-released map shows that CicLAvia will also spread through Downtown L.A. The easternmost part of CicLAvia is City Hall. From there the route heads south on Main Street until 7th Street.  At 7th it cuts east until Figueroa Street where it heads south until Venice. From there, it’s a straight shot to the beach.

“The new route will demonstrate that it is possible to cross the east/west divide, whether on foot, on bike, or on public transit – and not only is it possible, it can be fun,” explains CicLAvia Executive Director Aaron Paley. “We want to show that CicLAvia can be anywhere in LA.”

“CicLAvia is all about exploring and rediscovering our city, so the new route for April 21 is just the beginning.”

Jaime De La Vega and Aaron Paley (center) celebrate the new CicLAvia route after this morning's presser. Photo: Alaine Azcona
  • Andy

    CicLAvia – anywhere, any day

  • mig

    Count me in.

  • Juan Carlos Salas


  • Skip McCraw


  • Krljenkins

    Wouldn’t that exact route be an awesome choice for a light rail line?? If only…

  • I’m in with kid in tow!

  • Cliona

    So the joy of cycling west on Venice Blvd is the imperceptibly slight decline, all the way to the sea. On the way back the incline becomes more obvious but no big hardship. Looking forward to it

  • Rob

    Awesome! Hopefully the hours were extend as well..?

  • Jennifer Polhemus

    I’m realizing we could ride to at USC!

  • julio

    AWESOME !!!!!! I’m in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So basically it  will either start or end however you like to  put it at city hall ?????????

  • So basically it  will either start or end however you like to  put it at city hall ?????????

  • Anonymous

    Okay, they are building the facility. However, it gets on my nerves the name with Spanish connotation used to name the project. I’m fed up with the use of Spanish language in Los Angeles, enough the city is named with a non-English name. 

  • How’s the cross burning been going for you, andrelot?

    FYI: American cities with non-English names: Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Detroit, El Paso, Memphis, Seattle, Nashville, Louisville, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Mesa, Atlanta, Omaha, Miami, Tulsa, Minneapolis, Wichita, Tampa, Anaheim, Aurora, Santa Ana, Corpus Christi…

    Learn your American history, hermano.

  • How many miles is this? Looks like the longest CicLAvia to date?

  • “The easternmost part of CicLAvia is City Hall”
    Actually, it looks like the route ends a few blocks further North-East, at Union Station / El Pueblo which will make it very easy for folks to take transit to the eastern end of the route.

  • im F’n down!!!!
    ruffly how long will it take headn 2ward da coast?
    how many milez?

  • Anthony

    Are you referring to Ciclavia? Cause it was adapted from events in South America where they call it a “ciclavia”.

  • Dennis Hindman

    CicLAvia, or as I like to refer to it as the meat tenderizer that helps soften up the tough resistance to having bicycle infrastructure. Unable to travel to Copenhagen or Amsterdam to see what bicycling can do for a community? Then, come on out to a CicLAvia event in your area and see how tens of thousands of people of all ages are enjoying themselves while riding a bicycle. You can even join in on the fun by riding a bicycle with your friends and family.

  • Erik Griswold

    Don’t forget Utica, NY, Lebanon, NH, Athens, GA, Frankfort (was spelled with a “u” before WWI), KY, Alhambra, CA, Bethlehem, PA, Salem, MA, Palestine, IL, Medina, WA…

    ..wait, some of them’s terraist-soundin’!

  • Erik Griswold

    Yep, same weekend as the Festival of Books!

  • Erik Griswold

    Says 10am to 3pm on

  • Nirvan Mullick

    CicLAvia is my most favorite day in LA, and so excited that there are more and more CicLAvia days being planned, and to see more neighborhoods being connected!

  • Anonymous

    This route was the only reason I ever did the LA Triathlon, and now I can ride in both directions. Hell, yes.

  • Chuckcharlietuna

    He’ll yea!!!!!!!!’

  • More like…SEAcLAvia!

  • 15-18 miles and it will take about 2 hours if you roll slow enough to enjoy the scenery ;) Have fun!

  • roughly 15 miles! Have fun!

  • Why the heck is it so hard to do a loop instead of a point to point?

  • Tyler Hamilton

    This is great! Anyone who has been going to Ciclavia events for the past few years has noticed that it blew up last year, to the point where, downtown, most people spent more time waiting for lights than riding. Way overcrowded last fall, this is a great idea. 

  • Ubrayj02

    It is a shame that people are going to see how ugly the Culver City station is and will experience how baffling and stupid the bike lanes are on their trips home.

    And the route is “transit friendly” because you only have to cross under the bloody 10 freeway (!) to get to it on the day-of.

    I initially loved this idea but seeing it on a map, I think it is going to take a lot to really make this something other than a race course to the beach for maniacs on fixies and road bikes.

    I have been beside myself with joy at every CicLAvia – so I am sure it is going to be great … but now i have my creeping doubts.

  • Holographincnevez

    they need to make it from Fontana to the beach, now that would be truly amazing

  • Holographicnevez

    or make it from San Bernardino to the beach, now that would be even more perfect

  • calwatch

    The one problem with such a straight line route is that people will be too tempted to treat it as a bicycle freeway, which it is not. We need more pedestrian events, four square and dodgeball games, and roll up parks in the middle of the roadway because otherwise the bicyclists will just run joggers and pedestrians out of the road.

  • Area Man

    Hello, from La Cienega to National it’s decidedly UP-hill.

  • Jeanne

     Don’t forget to include a stop at the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market, almost across the street from Bikerowave.  Good eats, music, The Green Tent (the sustainable living booth).

  • Charysemail

    Anyine knows how many total miles from beginning to end (beach)??

  • Mydenoree

    I live in DTLA and recently purchased a bike. My bf and I are really looking forward to this event! Can’t wait :-)

  • Cheddar

     Really?? You have access as a pedestrian to just about anywhere! You have playgrounds and beaches and farmers markets. For crying out loud! Let the cyclists have some street fun without worrying about getting killed by people like you! Matter of fact! get a bike and take a kid! I guarantee you will love it!

  • Because it isolates neighborhoods that are then surrounded, like it or not. It’s doable, but needs more TLC.

  • I agree with calwatch. Having pedestrian access and having *safe* pedestrian access are two different things, especially in Los Angeles. It would be great if cyclists (not sure yet whether my family will bike or walk) and non-cyclists could look out for each other.

  • calwatch

    I am tired, as a pedestrian, of having bicyclists pissed off when I want to walk in the roadway (even on the right hand side, but I will not walk in the gutter), of having to literally holler at people and wave my arms around like a crazy person to stop traffic to let people cross (I did that along the straight away at 7th Street and on New Hampshire through the neighborhood of homes), and of people ignoring that out of the four icons on Ciclavia, only ONE of them is on a bicycle, and Ciclavia actively supports the disabled and seniors from taking back their streets too. 

    I hope Damien does a story on this because I, as a pedestrian and jogger, and tired of people ringing their bells at me to get out their way (when I am in the right lane of traffic) and of seniors never getting a chance to cross the street, worse than normally when they at least have the beg button to give them a chance to cross every two or three minutes. If you want to go race your bike, do the Marathon bike tour. Ciclavia is not for bicyclists only, it’s for everyone.

  • Not bad for the course. As commented on earlier, the La Cienega to Crenshaw portion will be a problem for some. Hopefully, it’s really nice out because ending at Venice Beach will be amazing!

  • Alvin Cavalier

    what are you a dumb fuck? this event is for bicyclists…..not for pedestrians and dumb fucks like you. you want a course for pedestrians….go to san francisco and enter in the drag races you dumb fuck

  • Alvin Cavalier: I really hope you were going for sarcasm there.

    And if anyone needs reminding, CicLAvia most definitely IS for people on foot — as well as people on roller skates, on skateboards, in wheelchairs, on scooters, etc. — in addition to those who choose to take part on bikes. The “About” page on the CicLAvia website states that “CicLAvia makes the streets safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike.” There’s a blog post featured on their front page that encourages people to walk at CicLAvia:

    As someone who’s done at least part of all five CicLAvias to date on a bike, it breaks my heart to hear stories like calwatch’s about getting run out of the street by people on bikes who are overly aggressive and not in the spirit of the event. I really hope more can be done to make the event more welcoming and inclusive of people who choose to walk.

  • Troll is trollsome

  • nick evans

    So where does it start? The city hall? Address?


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