Today’s Headlines

  • More on Bike Nation’s Soft Launch in Anaheim (KCET)
  • Gov. Signs High Speed Rail Funding Bill at Union Station (The Source)
  • Local Officials On Board, R’s Making Hay (Daily News)
  • Paper Storifies the Discontent (Daily News)
  • Holds Separate Ceremony in San Francisco.  Central Valley Symbolically Skipped (SacBee)
  • Rail Ridership Surges in June.  Overall Ridership Flat (The Source)
  • BIKAS Sees a Poetic Side to Bike EIR’s
  • There’s a Lot of Local Bridges As Scary as the 6th Street Viaduct (Arch. Newspaper via Curbed)
  • A Brief History of L.A. City Bridges (KCET)
  • SPUR Blog: CAHSR to Face Biggest Challenges Over Next Two Years
  • Australian Streets Signs Need Replacing After Their Use as Stripping Poles (Auckland Now)

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