Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Board Approves Subway Route Including Tunneling Under Beverly Hills High (LAT)
  • B.H. Residents Lobbied Hard Up to the End (NBC4)
  • “The decision came  despite massive scientific evidence presented by qualified licensed experts” (BH Courier)
  • AP: Subway Route “Disputed” (Bloomberg)
  • Westwood, Century City Leaders Thrilled (Patch)
  • BHUSD: See You in Court (Merc)
  • CA Senate Session, Including Vote on 3-Foot Passing Bill, Postponed Until Today (@CalBike)
  • 3-Foot Passing Law Not All That Exciting (LAT)
  • “Escape Plan” for “Ramp Jam” at Wilshire/405.  This Is Totally Worth It! (The Source)
  • Carmageddon II Delayed. (Daily News)
  • Metro Board Also Approves Plan to Lock Fare Gates… (The Source, The Republic)
  • …and (Yawn) to 2013 Budget (The Source)
  • Our Parks Are Too Small (Curbed)
  • Gas Prices Set Record for Memorial Day Weekend (LAT)

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  • Courier article has comment by a George Vreeland Hill that pledges the BH zealots will continue their crusade in the courts and eventually prevail. There is so much huffing and puffing of defiance the poor soul must have been out of breath by the time he finished typing his paragraph of vitrol.

    I am truly curious just what kind of civic culture BH has for such a herd mentality to prevail, with no questioning of the spending of astonishing amounts of school funds on a crusade that looks to be beyond irrational. And I am wondering how long before the next step of such us versus them behavior occurs — in-fighting, turning against each other accusing some of appeasment and not being pure enough in their adherence to the cause; this is when we can expect some BH residents are made scapegoats, getting the blame for their (almost surely) failed effort. Truly strange.

  • Dan W.

     Just wait until they have to sign the check not only to pay their own attorney’s fees but Metro’s as well.