Today’s Headlines

  • LA Rail Car Contract Goes to Japanese Firm.  Unions, Advocates Incensed (LAT, Daily NewsWave, The Source)
  • What Does Expo and Bruce Springsteen Have in Common (HuffPo)
  • Taking a Page from John Walsh, LA Weekly Slams Expo, Rail Program, Villaraigosa (LA Weekly)
  • Susanna Schick: DAMM RIGHT I WAS HIT BY A CAR (Blog Downtown)
  • Garcetti Leading Coalition to Bring Back Park Funding (LAT)
  • The Horror…the horror.  LMU Might Start Charing Students for Parking (Argo)
  • Helmet Cam Catches Berkeley Hit and Run Drivers (SF Streetsblog)
  • It’s May Day.  Play Nice (LA_Now)

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  • Anonymous

    Those Union Advocates sure are a funny bunch:

    The head of the union coalition, Maria Elena Durazo, urged board members Monday afternoon to exercise AnsaldoBreda’s contract options. And she accused Siemens of trying to scramble the potential deal.

    Durazo urged scrutiny of Siemens’ performance in other cities, adding that AnsaldoBreda has “gone above and beyond in demonstrating in every way possible its commitment to Los Angeles County.”

    Oliver Hauck, the president of Siemens Transportation Systems Inc., said the company has “no intent to scuttle anybody’s deal, we’re just trying to make ourselves known to the customer so the customer knows there are alternative bidders interested.”