Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: The Reason Foundation is known for its views that passenger rail is a waste of money compared to bus service or road service.  To make their point, they hired a comedian to ride Metro rail from LAX to an interview in Burbank.  While the video is full of stats, there’s also a lot of things that don’t make sense if you think about it.  Check it out, if you want to be annoyed.

  • Metro Chastised for Civil Rights Performance (LA Weekly, KPCC, SacBee)
  • Westside Council of Governments Works on Big Bike Plan (Patch)
  • OC Officials Worry That High Speed Rail Could Take Funds from OC Road Projects (Register)
  • Murals Are Back, Baby! (KPCC)
  • NTSB Recommends Ban On All Cell Phone Use by Drivers (CoCo Times)
  • Coming Soon, $1 Billion in State Budget Cuts (LAT)
  • Cali. DUI’s Drop to Record Low (LAT)
  • Regional Planning Is the New City Planning (GOOD)
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