Today’s Headlines

Don Ward, Damien and Sammy, Meghan Kavanagh, a guy on a skateboard and Bill Rosendahl? What the heck? Photo:Tony Arranaga, Facebook
  • Does Anyone Like Rep. Mica’s Transportation Bill? (DC Streetsblog)
  • Villaraigosa Plans to Take on Prop. 13 (LAT)
  • So. Pas. Eases Opposition to 710 Big Dig (Star-News)
  • Lowering State Car Tax Was Really Dumb (LAT)
  • Epstein: Thinking of Carmageddon from the East Coast (HuffPo)
  • Dude Keeps Suing the Gold Line Authority Over Monrovia Extension (SGV Trib.via Curbed)
  • Governor Brown Struggles to Get Rid of State Cars (SacBee)
  • Black Women Who Bike D.C. Band Together (WaPo)
  • Legal Planet: SB 375 Has Been Ineffective at Reducing Urban Sprawl in California
  • Tom Vanderbilt Weighs in on “Carmageddon” (How We Drive)

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