Friday Poll Day: Trains and Terror

##,0,7668118.poll##KTLA asked their readers##, now we ask ours.

Do the terror threats against L.A. Metro/Metrolink Change Your Plans to Use/Not Use Transit?

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KTLA: Should SoCal Spend Money on Bike Lanes

| has a poll up asking whether Southern California should be spending public funds to build more bike lanes.  Surprisingly, almost a third of respondents have "voted" against putting money into a better bike network.  Just in case you were wondering, the poll is still live and can be found here.  Photo: Waltarrr/Flickr 

Friday Poll Day: What’s Your Preferred Design for South Figueroa

We’ve already given some coverage to the South Figueroa corridor project funded by the Community Redevelopment Agency, highlighting some very progressive designs that the project team has put out.  With a pair of public meetings on deck for next Tuesday and Thursday, I thought we should bring back our “Friday Poll Day” series for Streetsbloggers […]

Friday Poll Day: You Make the Charge

If a man who looked like this were driving a car… …and he drove into a group of forty people, injuring eleven, sending six into surgery and one into a coma and they all looked like this: What charges would the LAPD bring against the driver?