Westside Urban Forum: A City for the 21st Century?

A City for the 21st Century?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Born into the middle of the last century when the car was king, Century City was designed to discourage the very things today’s urban planners value most: public space, pedestrian street life, and a sense of community.  But the freeway that was meant to serve this key west side business district was never built, leading to a half century of struggles over traffic and other issues.

Will Century City remake itself for the new century?  Recently approved projects with a greater mix of uses and the planning for the Westside Subway Extension offer a chance to change the paradigm, but how? What are the roles of city planning, regional transit, and private developers in re-envisioning and revitalizing one of Los Angeles’ most intentional and iconic developments? What are the challenges? And what’s at stake for the rest of the Los Angeles? Join the Westside Urban Forum and some of the major players to explore the possibilities and realities of Century City redux.

* Hon. Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Council, 5th District
* Mike Eveloff, President, Tract 7260 Homeowners Association
* John Goodwin, Vice President, Development, Westfield LLC
* Sarah Shaw, General Manager, JMB Realty Corporation

* Michael Woo, Dean, College of Environmental Design, Cal-Poly Pomona & Member, Los Angeles City Planning Commission

CM Credit – This activity is pending approval by the AICP in the amount of 1 hour.

The Regency Club
10900 Wilshire Blvd., 17th Floor
Los Angeles, California


7:00am Registration
7:30am Breakfast
8:00am Panel Discussion

$30 members
$45 nonmembers
$10 student members
$15 student nonmembers

Pre-registration closes on April 13, 2011.  After April 13, 2011 and at onsite registration the cost will be an additional $10.00.  No refunds or credits will be provided after this date.


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