CD6 Race Update, Two Candidates Write to Streetsblog

After Tuesday’s review of the race for the 6th Council District attracted comments from two of the insurgent candidates in the race.  Since our story focused on the mixed record of the incumbent Councilman, Tony Cardenas, I thought we would highlight the comments by David Barron and Rich Goodman in the order that we received them.  Both candidates full comments are available after the jump.

David Barron:

Thank you Mr Newton, I appreciate your comments and the exposure of my candidacy and website.


I was not calling for an increase in parking allotments when a room is re-purposed. On the contrary, I’m suggesting to allow a landlord to convert their recreation room to a dwelling unit without having to increase parking allotment. After all it’s only one existing area, and the building footprint is not being increased Reasoning is; no city agency requires a landlord to increase parking allotment when a family grows in size or adds bunk beds or adds additional drivers with additional vehicles. Zoning laws need to be adjusted here, just as they are for the wealthy politically connected developers. Or, everyone shall adhere to the existing zoning laws equally.

To improve traffic flow; lets start with electing me into the council office so we can do everything we can to abolish the controversial CRA and direct some of that $600M revenue where it was suppose to go in the first place; core services, including placing DOT traffic officers at busy intersections.

We can guarantee two things; our traffic and population will continue to grow.

Respectfully, candidate David Barron

Rich Goodman:

Dear Damien Newton.

I am a big supporter of building out public transportation in Los Angeles and especially in the Valley where public transportation is more scarce.


I am a strong supporter of introducing bicycles and encouraging a more bicycle friendly city.

I’m also a big fan of Rapid Bus Transit systems such as the one in Bogota, Colombia, because for the same price of a subway line, we can get around 10 times more lines. Furthermore, the time it takes to implement the lines is a lot faster. Public transportation is an evolution, but the only way we can have a meaningful plan is if it’s full scale.

The orange line in the Valley which I use extensively when going downtown, is a great example of a successful implementation, it has over exceeded usage goals but we need bigger plans to solve the issue which affects not only Los Angeles but the communities around us. Which is why I advocate working with community groups, county, the major and other cities to advocate for a plan that will place Los Angeles in the 21st century.



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