Today’s Headlines

  • Lopez: Angelenos Cold on Stadium Deal (LAT)
  • Editorial: Pols Should be Careful Too (LAT)
  • An Update on Some of the Bike Crash Cases as They Move Through Court (Biking In L.A.)
  • The Source Asks if Metro Should Be Building Carpool Lanes
  • South Fig. Plan a “Bicyclist and Pedestrian Fantasy” (Downtown News)
  • Jane Harman Leaving Congress to Head Woodrow Wilson Center, New Election Coming (WaPo)
  • Ca. High-Speed Rail Delaying EIR on SF-to-SJ and LA-to-Anaheim Routes (Merc, Redwood City Patch)
  • Another East Coast Paper Fascinated with L.A.’s Bike Polo Culture (WaPo)
  • More on the Wilshire BOL Debate (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Speaking of Which, Transit Loving Westsiders Looking for Leadership from  Zev or Bill (HuffPo)

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