Being Pedestrian With the Latino Urban Forum

Have you noticed the new restaurants, entertainment centers, lofts and parks in Downtown’s South Park?

Join us for an invigorating walk to explore the redeveloping neighborhood. We will start in the park with simple exercises to warm up our feet, hands, eyes and body for urban travel. Then we will engage in BEING PEDESTRIAN awareness-building activities in the array of sidewalks and crosswalks of South Park. Afterwards, we will regroup in the park for refreshments and a post-walk mapping and discussion exercise to share our pedestrian experiences.

BEING PEDESTRIAN is a chance to slow down and feel present in our neighborhoods by being on foot. BEING PEDESTRIAN, a cultural tourism agency based in walking, is a collaboration between Sara Daleiden and Sara Wookey with the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles.

With its playful prompts, BEING PEDESTRIAN invites experience of the public space of sidewalks and crosswalks in consideration of the invisible decisions that form the streetscape. In 2011, BEING PEDESTRIAN teams up with HABEAS LOUNGE, a mobile space

designated for civic reflection created by Linda Pollack, to offer a series of walks and post-walk discussions to interpret the current redevelopment of Downtown’s South Park.

Meet at gateway of Grand Hope Park

Corner of Hope and 9th Streets, Los Angeles 90017

Contact: James Rojas @

Limited availability, so please RSVP by Wednesday, February 2

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen.

Surface parking is available on 9th Street. Many public transportation lines are nearby to the

park. To determine your options, use the Metro’s Trip Planner at


The Act of Being a Pedestrian

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Being Pedestrian: A South Park Picnic

Saturday, March 12, 2 – 5 PM Grand Hope Park,  Downtown Los Angeles Free and open to the public On Saturday, March 12, join us for A South Park Picnic,  a celebratory event that concludes the inaugural series of BEING PEDESTRIAN @ HABEAS LOUNGE, a program of walking and awareness about the ever changing neighborhood […]

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