Eyes on the Street: Expo Tracks All the Way to Culver City

1 19 11 ted1As rail watchers are well aware, Phase I of the Expo Line is scheduled to open later this year.  The exact date isn’t known yet, and whether the entire line will open or just to one of the more eastern stations has yet to be determined.  However, Ted “Biking In L.A.” Rogers noticed that the Expo tracks have been placed all the way to the Phase I terminus.  While station construction hasn’t been completed along the line, he notes, “I got a nice surprise yesterday when I was riding through Culver City, and noticed the Expo Line now has tracks all the way to the Phase 1 terminus…it’s still pretty exciting to see it this close to completion.”

  • Bob Davis

    Not only the tracks, but (with the possible exception of a few short gaps) the trolley wire is in place, and is physically connected to the Blue Line (there are “isolation breakers” in the wire so it’s not electrically connected yet.) Now we just have to get the Gold Line Foothill Extension work started…..

  • Scott Mercer

    Rumor was that it would open as far as La Cienega as of April or May, and the remaining bit to Culver City by the fall.

  • Bob Zwolinski

    It’s finally happening! A rail line to the Westside! What a concept!
    …and it looks great!
    I’ve been looking forward to EXPO’s opening ever since the MTA purchased the ROW over 20 years ago!
    Although the hellish politics it took to get it this far still boggles my mind.

  • Ken Ruben

    For my friends, Bob Davis and Bob Zwolinski,I go by Venice and Robertson a lot via either METRO 733/33 or with friends in their cars) and there is no wire strung yet in this area.

  • Jim Baker

    I drove down Flower Street last Friday afternoon to check out the progress.
    Down in the “Narrows” along the Harbor Freeway between Adams Ave. and Jefferson Blvd the wire comes to an end. So the University ‘trench’ still has to be completed.

  • Ed Keeley

    The trolly wire is not quite all in place. Metro and their contractor seem to have given up near USC. There is a large gap at the station there.

  • kona dakine

    will we be able to take bikes on the train

  • Ed Keeley

    Oh Lord, I hope not. Bicycles already make the Blue & Green lines unsafe by blocking aisles and emergency exits. If you want your effing bike, get on the seat and start pedaling!

  • Bill Horst

    I ride the red line and there are no problems with bicycles on the train. It’s true that occasionaly there are unthinking cyclists who position their bikes in the middle of the train sometimes blocking passage. This is not a systemic problem but more a problem with someone who doesn’t realize that the earth does NOT revolve around them.


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