Today’s Headlines

Subway to the Sea ad from yesterday's Times.  Image via ## Source##
Subway to the Sea ad from yesterday's Times. Image via ## Source##
  • Editorial: Don’t Let Crenshaw Line Lose Momentum (Daily Breeze)
  • Shoup: Repeated Violators Should Face Steeper Parking Penalties (LAT)
  • Wife Remembers Fallen Cyclist, Husband (Daily News)
  • The Politics of Crosswalks (City Watch)
  • Ad in the Times Pushes “Subway to the Sea” (The Source)
  • Prop 22 Explained (LAT)
  • Public/Private/Passe Selling Public Lots a Terrible Idea(Parking Today)
  • But That Won’t Stop Los Angeles (City Watch)
  • Death Watch for NY/NJ Rail Tunnel To End Today.  Millions Up for Grabs (NYC Streetsblog)
  • Daily News Shocker!: Subway to the Sea Only Going to Westwood!
  • School Bus in Monday’s Crash Missing Seat Restraints (LAT)
  • Ask a Cop: Is It Safe to Bike in Alhambra?  Answer: No (Alhambra Source)
  • AZ Congress Woman Yells at Bad Drivers from Her Bike (The Hill via Biking in L.A.)

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  • They cut off the second half of the ad.

    Leaving the top half of the ad intact, while cutting off the bottom half, makes “Los Angeles Neighbors United” look like pro-subway transit advocates.

    In reality, the truth is much more complicated. They may be pro-subway — but these days, even NIMBYs and NUMBYs call themselves pro-subway (they’re just opposed to the route, is all).

    Their real beef is zoning changes, or to be specific, changes to the laws governing zoning.
    Why? Because they’re concerned about density. The same sort of density which tends to pop up around subway stations. The same sort of density which many of us transit fans are encouraging because New Urbanist transit-oriented density trumps car-oriented sprawl.

    In other words,the Subway to the Sea thing is just a cover. A Trojan Horse if you will, with whole lot of NIMBYs inside waiting for us to take the bait.