Today’s Headlines

Most ridiculous car advertisement of the year? Even following Nissan’s plot, wouldn’t the rest of their line be ruining that bear’s icecap?

  • Boxer Goes After Fiorina on Green Gas (LAT)
  • China Moves Ahead of U.S. in Green Energy Investment (GRIST)
  • Gov. Checks Out HSR in the People’s Republic (WaPo)
  • Camino Responds to My Response to the “Why You Ride” Series at (The Source)
  • LAT: Save the Food Trucks!
  • Shocker: Source Readers Like the Subway to the Sea
  • Prop. 23 a Threat to the California Dream (Salon)
  • Woman Calls in DUI Crash, Neglects the Part Where She Hit and Killed Pedestrian (LAist)
  • Midnight Skaterzz Angering Neighbors Near Stoner Park (LAT)
  • Metro’s I-Phone App. Is Lacking…But There Are Alternatives (Blogdowntown)

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  • I’m a fan of the Leaf. It doesn’t solve every problem related to cars, but cars are going to continue to exist to some extent, greening them is important, and electric drive is an important part of that. Also, it’s the most affordable usable electric car for sale in America today.

  • I think that should be spelled “Skatazz”