Today’s Headlines

Most ridiculous car advertisement of the year? Even following Nissan’s plot, wouldn’t the rest of their line be ruining that bear’s icecap?

  • Boxer Goes After Fiorina on Green Gas (LAT)
  • China Moves Ahead of U.S. in Green Energy Investment (GRIST)
  • Gov. Checks Out HSR in the People’s Republic (WaPo)
  • Camino Responds to My Response to the “Why You Ride” Series at (The Source)
  • LAT: Save the Food Trucks!
  • Shocker: Source Readers Like the Subway to the Sea
  • Prop. 23 a Threat to the California Dream (Salon)
  • Woman Calls in DUI Crash, Neglects the Part Where She Hit and Killed Pedestrian (LAist)
  • Midnight Skaterzz Angering Neighbors Near Stoner Park (LAT)
  • Metro’s I-Phone App. Is Lacking…But There Are Alternatives (Blogdowntown)

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