Today’s Headlines

Don’t forget the Bike Film Festival is this weekend!

  • Fix Expo Appeals CPUC Ruling, Read the Filing Here (FixExpo)
  • Read Goodmon’s Statement After the Jump
  • Study on Regional Connector Released (The Source)
  • Sales Nosedive for Toyota, GM, Ford (Bloomberg)
  • Cops Nab Drivers, Cyclists and Peds. in Valley Sidewalk Sting (Daily News)
  • Villaraigosa and City’s Efforts to Protect Cyclists Is Pathetic (Bus Bench)
  • Police Cite Man Struck by Bus in Baldwin Crosswalk (SGV Tribune)
  • Does Strict Enforcement of Jaywalking Laws Make Us Less Safe? (LAist)
  • Road Rage on the I-10 Leads to Gunfire (LA_Now)
  • What Is the Point of Announcing Where You’re Doing Alcohol Checks? (LAist)

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Goodmon’s Statement on FixExpo’s CPUC Appeal:

The first step in our appeal to the CPUC decision allowing an at-grade crossing at Farmdale Ave, next to Dorsey HS was filed yesterday.

The Application for Rehearing is the internal CPUC appellate process.  If (as we completely expect) the CPUC denies our application, we then are allowed and intend to petition the California Court of Appeals to review the matter.  As the Application for Rehearing specifies, given the previous February 2009 decision that denied the crossing (res judicata and collateral estoppel), the CPUC rule that precludes a street-level crossing from being approved after grade separation has proven practicable, and coupled of other things we left out of the Application, we’re rather confident the matter will be taken, and Fix Expo will rejoice in the ability to finally be able to litigate this issue before a judicial body that is not as susceptible to political pressures as the CPUC.

The file has been uploaded to Fix Expo website at the following address:

Happy Labor Day to all.


  • Joseph E

    To be clear, the “Damien” who signed the message above is Damien Goodmon, from FixExpo (a group opposed to building the Expo Light Rail line at street-level), NOT Damien Newton from Streetsblog.

    Damien Goodmon’s views do NOT represent the views of Streetsblog Los Angeles, the views of most transit advocates or livable streets advocates, or the views of most residents of South Los Angeles.

  • Good catch…

  • Justin

    Hey wait, is that bike shooting a rocket out the back carbon neutral?

  • RE: Alcohol checks

    The police are required by law (court ruling) to announce to the public when and where checkpoints will be. Most of the time, the announcement is made in very small print on a bulletin board in some obscure place. LAist is not required to broadcast those locations.

  • Darrell

    Reminds me of “birther” Orly Taitz:

    “Taitz has filed a ‘motion for reconsideration’ with the court, according to documents posted on her web site, claiming that she has new evidence that President Obama is not an American citizen.”