Today’s Headlines

Watch all the way to the end…what was that about the LADOT not wanting to do media work on Sharrows?

  • Ped. Deaths Shooting Up in Valley, NoHo (Daily News)
  • Now in Its Second Decade, Red Line Shows Age, Chances for Growth (Daily News)
  • Officials Believe Red Line Slows Congestion Growth (Daily News)
  • Is There a Better Way to Tunnel (The Source)
  • BP Underestimating Amount of Oil Spilled (LAT)
  • Lakers Parade Closes a Chunk of Downtown’s Streets Today (LAT)
  • Caltrans Hosts All-Day Workshop on Bike Planning, LADOT No-Shows (Soap Box)
  • A Shrine to a Dead Father Appears on the LA River Path (Creek Freak)

(Note: The fundraiser was great.  We’ll do a write-up as soon as I get some pictures and video…I left my camera at home by accident – D)

  • Sadly, the LADOT doing sharrows while discouraging media is a recipe for the sharrows pilot to fail. Installing a new facility is a great opportunity for public dialog, public education, getting folks on board, and reaching out to cyclists (educating us about the door zone and sidewalk riding.)

  • If I didn’t know any better, I might think that the LADOT would PREFER that the sharrow pilot programs failed!

    I’m sure that can’t really be the case.

  • Dot

    Why not start painting sharrows on two-lane traffic roads first and then as awareness and understanding of them as part of the traffic flow grows then start integrating them onto streets like Fountain where is seems appropriate. As the news report stated, there is fear associated with their use already and it’s only the beginning. It would be a shame to see them fail. Just my thoughts.